Knife or bullet that is more deadly

Fatal mission in Berlin-Friedrichshain : Police shoot woman - the 33-year-old had a knife

Berlin police officers shot a woman in Friedrichshain on Friday. The public prosecutor's office confirmed the corresponding Tagesspiegel information in the afternoon.

The incident occurred early Friday morning. The shots were fired at the 33-year-old woman's home. The public prosecutor's office and a homicide commission from the State Criminal Police Office are investigating intentional homicide.

According to Tagesspiegel information, a domestic violence incident was triggered by the police shortly after four o'clock. A section 51 patrol car was ordered to an apartment on Grünberger Strasse near Warschauer Strasse.

The police were alerted by a man who lives in a shared apartment with the woman. He is said to have been threatened with a knife by the woman. According to Tagesspiegel information, the woman is said to have already been known to the police and had been noticed with drug offenses.

Use because of domestic violence

When the officers arrived at the apartment, the woman is said to have holed up in a room. After the first information in the apartment, the officers opened the door to her room. Then, according to the prosecutor, the woman resisted and immediately ran towards the two police officers with a knife in her hand.

A 28-year-old police chief is said to have threatened the woman to use his service pistol. But the woman should not have reacted to that. Then the officer fired at her, the bullet hit the woman's upper body. The two policemen tried to save the woman. But she still died in the apartment.

The police press office did not want to comment on the operation on Friday afternoon and referred to the public prosecutor's office. At least the police union (GdP) has expressed itself.

“We heard about this tragic mission this morning. No police officer likes to shoot, ”said Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for GdP Berlin. "Such situations are an enormous psychological burden, since the right, albeit momentous, decisions have to be made within a split second."

Of course, this mission will also be carefully examined, said the GdP spokesman. "We are currently assuming that our colleagues behaved correctly and hope that they can fully process this traumatic mission."

In the afternoon the police reported on Twitter: "There is hardly anything worse in our job than an operation that ends with the death of a person. We express our sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased and wish our colleagues support and strength . "

Deadly police operations from the past

The last fatal police operation in Berlin was a few years ago. In 2017, officials shot a mentally confused man in his apartment in Lichtenberg. He had previously announced that he would kill himself and threatened the emergency services.

A special task force requested at the time could not come because the officers were in an anti-terror raid in Moabit's Fussilet Mosque.

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A year earlier, in 2016, a police officer shot a suspected intruder and killed him. The man was sitting in a car with three other people when he was hit.

One of the most famous cases in the city occurred in 2013. One morning a young man suddenly stood in the Neptune Fountain on Alexanderplatz, naked, with a knife in his hand - police officers shot him.

Eleven years ago, in 2009, a police officer shot and killed a 33-year-old at the Zoo train station. He had grabbed the service pistol of one of the officers when he was about to be arrested.

After fatal police operations in the city, the use of tasers is discussed again and again. The police are still testing the use of stun guns in a model experiment.

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