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Tips and tricks: make money with social media


I will become an influencer. These three words make parents sit up and take notice and young people shine when they report on their career aspirations and have their start on YouTube or Instagram in mind.

The fact is: Digitization has created new opportunities and has had a noticeable effect on people's ideas about making money. The opportunities are varied and there is no need for a degree or three-year vocational training. This is tempting, as can be seen from the numerous videos and influencer campaigns.

Influencer - Your own lifestyle as a product

Budding influencers lay the foundation with a video camera, smartphone and laptop. The advantage: The technical devices are often already available, so that no additional investment in the business is necessary.

Now all you need to do is register on Instagram or YouTube and you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas globally. That sounds easy, but without a little luck and the perfect business idea it won't work.


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To make money as an influencer, you need two essential things. One or more advertising partners and numerous followers ensure that the video marketing hobby becomes a real business. Until then, it can take some time for budding influencers to build their business and invest their energy in attracting new “customers” every day. The subject areas are varied.

Whether fashion, online games or travel - influencers earn money by documenting and publishing their own lifestyle as soon as strong advertising partners become aware and there is a large crowd of followers.

What do influencers earn?

The best paid influencers present fashion. With 61% market share, this segment is the most influential industry in marketing on YouTube and Instagram, followed by sports and travel with 8% and food and beverages with 7%.

However, fees that compete with the earnings of Hollywood stars are rather rare, both the experts and the influencers themselves know. Anyone who earns a medium managerial salary per month has established himself in such a way that he or she is indispensable in the industry and a style icon . The German influencers receive the largest fees

  • Bibi with 22,500 euros per post
  • Dagi Bee with around 20,827 euros per post
  • Julienco_ with 17,000 euros per post.

Bibi Heinicke says she earns 110,000 euros a month, the annual salary of a manager. The many YouTubers and Instagramers who follow their idols and strive for a career as an influencer show that the attraction of making money with a single selfie and its publication is great.

Bibi on Youtube

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Easy money or work?

Working as an influencer seems easy. You travel around the world, visit the most beautiful places, take a photo and accumulate money with it. But behind this achievement there is quite a lot of hard work. Influencers always have to be in a good mood, answer the numerous questions their followers have, post creatively and appealingly, but also keep appointments in public.

They earn their money on the Internet, but without personal closeness to their followers, income would decline and the influencer business concept would collapse practically overnight. Even in the age of digitization, no money can be made without doing anything on your own.

The new jobs are more than a profession, as they require extensive commitment and are therefore more to be understood as a calling. The more popular an influencer is, the better it can establish itself and the higher the income from renowned advertising partners. Convincing people is work, the effort of which should not be underestimated and made smaller.

Other jobs on the Internet: Generate income without marketing yourself

In addition to presentations on video and image platforms, the Internet offers a whole range of other earning opportunities.

The tips show how to make money on the web at vex cash .com. Anyone who is linguistically savvy and interested in foreign languages ​​can translate content. Those who like to blog, but don't want to publish their own blog, offer their services as a copywriter.

You can also test online surveys and online games, write books or publish your own online shop. One of the popular sources of income on the internet is affiliate marketing. With a website with high traffic and registration on affiliate platforms, you can earn good money this way without having to buy your own product.

Before a social media business becomes the main income, this job can be done on a part-time basis due to the free time management. This period can be used to gain followers, generate orders and partners and establish yourself in the highly competitive market.

Turn your hobby into a job - that's how it works!

Well-paid jobs are hard to find on the conventional job market. The creative professions in particular have almost completely shifted to the Internet.

This tendency will continue in the future and it is already clear that the chances of making money on the web are increasing. With social media, especially via the platforms YouTube and Instagram, influencers can turn their preference for self-expression into a profession and earn money with what occupies them and is the center of their life.

Good advertising contracts with fashion labels, the presentation of your own fitness program or make-up tips and advice for online gamers from experienced gamers are most frequently clicked on on social networks. Those who see their passion in one of these industries have a good chance of turning their hobby into a profession and their vocation into a source of income with the career aspiration influencer.

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