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Artist Quotes - How the wisdom of famous artists can help you on your own creative path

Maybe you have the Read of the 30 artist quotes already noticed which one inspiring and motivating effect the Views and experience different artists.

But it may also be that you still have the question put, how exactly you this Wisdom now help should. One thing first: It is one all by itself personal tastewhich artist Quotes you speak to and which leave you completely cold.

In principle, however, the following applies: Off experiencelearns one always. But you have to Not each Experience directly do it yourselfto learn from it. A very effective learning method is this Imitate. How is that supposed to work?

Well, first you have to a or Pick out several peoplewho already have that reached have where you want to go. Then you have to deal with her Action employ. What to do them to that desired result to reach? Exactly do you then to.

And just that method another Artist do you learn easier and better know by getting to know her statement busy Not by doing that finished paintings look at. So you see: artist quotes can be very nice helpful be. 😊

By the way: So learn also children - by simply making yours Imitate parents. 😊

And to stay with the subject of "quotes". Also for Learn from the experienceanother there is a very nice one Quote from Warren Buffet, an American billionaire:

You learn from your own experience. But if possible, it is better to learn from the experiences of others.