Can tanning beds help with acne

Solarium for pimples and acne?

Solarium against pimples and acne: Again and again one reads on the supposedly positive effects of the solarium Pimples or.Acne. The UV-A radiation of the solariumshould antibacterial work and allow inflammation and pimples to heal faster. But what is it about this Myth?

Solarium against pimples?

Solariums are predominantly used nowadays UVA radiationto allow the skin to tan faster. In contrast to natural solar radiation Significantly stronger UVA radiation from the solariummakes the skin age faster and increases the risk of black skin cancer (melanoma). Of the short-term UVB rayswhich are also used in solariums, it has long been known that they can cause skin cancer.

Myth or Truth?

Solarium for pimples: yes or no? The answer is clear: no. Regular visits to the solarium

  • can they Very dehydration of the skin,
  • to a Thickening of the epidermis lead and
  • the Sebum productionstimulate.

More and more new ones are forming under the thickened cornea Comedones. Also, the natural PH value the skin is unbalanced by radiation exposure. The result: New blackheads and pimples appear - the Acne gets worse. Regular visits to the solarium not only lead to more impurities in the long term, but also to wrinkles and serious skin damage.

What do dermatologists advise?

Dermatologists generally advise against UV radiation for acne. The targeted use of medication for internal and external use can alleviate the severity of the disease, shorten the course and prevent scars. Older therapeutic approaches such as treatment with sulfur, shale oil or yeast extracts are also not recommended.

What to do about pimples

While the temptation to use artificial sun exposure to temporarily improve blemishes is great, there are better ways to fight pimples and acne. So there are many today special care products for people with blemished skin. A tinted day cream that helps against pimples and blackheads in the long term provides the skin with moisture and protects against too much harmful solar radiation with a sun protection factor.

Our cosmetic tip: A visit to the solarium can negatively affect acne in the long term. Acne and pimples will disappear sooner or later - but deep wrinkles in the skin and skin damage caused by intense UV radiation will last a lifetime and make the skin look old. A visit to the solarium is not suitable for acne treatment.