What are molecular USB sticks

Rules of conduct in the PC rooms of BOKU-IT

COVID-related restrictions

Please note the applicable requirements of the Rectorate!

The continuous wearing of an FFP2 mask is mandatory!

To the Distance rules and Requirements of the rectorate was to match the Number of usable PCs reduced!
PCs that cannot be used are marked!

Please note that the Building opening times are outside the sphere of influence of BOKU-IT and access to the PC rooms may be restricted as a result:

Keep order

Everyone wants to find a decent workplace, you and your colleague after you. So leave your workplace at least as cleanly as you took it over (it doesn't get any cleaner ;-)).
When you leave, check that you have not forgotten anything (photos, paper, USB stick, etc.) and dispose of everything you no longer need in the containers provided.

Changes to the hardware

No changes may be made to the devices in the PC room. You are not allowed to plug in or unplug any cables yourself.

Malfunctions, errors

If a device displays a message or you discover a problem (disconnected cables or non-functioning devices), please notify the:

to eat and drink

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in the PC rooms. An exception to this is water in sealed bottles.
We also ask you to rest in the PC rooms.

Log in

Log in to the PCs with the same access data as in BOKUonline.

Data storage

Attention, the "Desktop" and the "Own files" are irretrievably deleted after you log off from the PC!

So save your files:

  • in your HOME folder on drive M: (= BOKU files)
  • on BOKUdrive
  • or on an external data carrier (but the risk of forgetting your data carrier is high ...)

The various access options to BOKU files and BOKUdrive can be found at:

Disclaimer of liability

BOKU-IT assumes no liability for data or devices that are lost in the course of your work. You should therefore always back up your data as you work and make sure you take USB sticks or portable hard drives with you after work.

Basic knowledge

It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of the software installed here.