Is birch water good for you

Birch water or coconut water: which drink can do more?

It wasn't long ago when most people thought of tropical beaches and colorful cocktails with umbrellas when they heard coconut water.

The exotic soft drink has now arrived in the mainstream and is available in every supermarket.

But now the coconut palm is being sidelined - the local birch is the new star and is already being traded by experts as THE trend drink. What can birch water do that coconut water cannot?

Power tree birch

In the past, knowledge of the healing and beautifying effects of regional plants was still widespread.

The birch has also been valued for its many uses for centuries, but like so many natural substances, it has largely been forgotten. Only birch shampoo and hair lotion for better hair growth persisted on the shelves of drugstores.

In China, Russia and Eastern Europe, the knowledge of this healing treasure was preserved and is now on another successful march around the world.

Because birch water is not only - like coconut water - very refreshing and rehydrating; the saponins contained in the tree also strengthen the immune system and lower cholesterol levels; Due to its dehydrating effect, birch water is also said to be very suitable for detoxification, anti-cellulite and good for the liver.

It is said to help against diarrhea as well as constipation. The skin and hair benefit when it comes to relieving dandruff, eczema, and hair loss.

Homemade birch water

Of course you can buy birch water in the store or in the online shop - but there are also plenty of instructions and videos circulating on the Internet that explain how to tap a birch with the help of a cordless drill. The best, of course, is one in your own garden.

The precious liquid is deep in the trunk and rises in February and March when the warm months begin to grow. If you insert a tube into the wood and place a glass under the opening, you can collect the birch water.

At the most productive time, it only takes half an hour to fill a glass. The clear liquid tastes like sweet water.

With young trees you can also harvest from broken branches, another possibility is the root system. A fully grown birch provides around 150 to 200 liters of birch water per year.

Birch and coconut water in comparison

Both waters have a watery consistency and a slightly sweet taste. Nutrition expert Dr. Michelle Storfer compared the two and found that they have a similar chemical profile, with many nutrients, proteins, and amino acids; However, birch water also has saponins - they lower cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory effects.

The scientist also knows about the healing properties that the North American natives have attributed to the birch for a long time: They are convinced that the water not only cures cystitis, but even cures some types of cancer.

There aren't enough scientific studies yet to prove this, but one thing is certain - birch water and coconut water are both much healthier than artificial soft drinks like cola.

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