Lightning can hit snow


A thunderstorm is a weather condition that can occur randomly during snow or rain. As with precipitation (rain or snow), thunderstorms always take place all over the world (or technically around each player), except of course underground or in a rain-free biome (e.g. desert).

A lightningimpact during a thunderstorm can be fatal. Lightning strikes randomly anywhere during a thunderstorm.

The command can be used to change the weather.

Lightning during a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm effects [edit]

  • With a light level of 7, thunderstorms are much darker than normal precipitation. This allows monsters to spawn during the day and spiders become aggressive. However, significantly fewer monsters will spawn during the day than at night because it is just dark enough.
  • During a thunderstorm, regardless of the time of day, the player can sleep in a bed. After getting up, the thunderstorm is over.
  • Skeleton riders can spawn during a thunderstorm.

Lightning effects [edit]

  • Lightning strikes a fire wherever it strikes (unless it strikes water). They always light a single fire on the block they hit. However, this can quickly spread to multiple fires.
  • Because some of the lightning can strike immediately at the beginning of the precipitation, wood and other combustible blocks can catch fire. Otherwise, the rain during a thunderstorm can usually put out the fire. However, snowfall does not extinguish a fire, so lightning bolts are more dangerous to flammable materials in snowy biomes.
  • If the player is struck by lightning, this draws 5 () Life from. Then there is the damage caused by the fire.
  • When lightning strikes a pig, it turns into a zombified Piglin. (In the degree of difficultyPeaceful the zombified Piglin disappears again. But then the pig is no longer there either.)
  • If a creeper is struck by lightning, it will be charged and its explosion will be much stronger than usual. This is represented by a blue aura surrounding the charged creeper.
  • When lightning strikes a villager, he turns into a witch.
  • If a turtle is killed by lightning, it can drop a bowl.
  • When lightning strikes a red moss room, it turns into a brown moss room.
  • When lightning strikes a brown moss room, it turns into a red moss room.
  • If lightning strikes a nether portal that has not yet been activated, it is activated.
  • If a boat is struck by lightning, it disappears without dropping anything.
  • If sand or gravel standing in the air is struck by lightning, it will fall down.
  • Lightning cannot ignite TNT directly, only through the automatic spread of the fire.
  • Lightning does not harm zombified Piglins, Ghasts or the Ender Dragon.
  • Lightning penetrates blocks above the ground (such as the hats of giant mushrooms) to hit the ground.
  • It doesn't matter how far you are from the lightning bolt; you always hear the thunder at the same moment you see the lightning. You can hear the thunder down to the bedrock.
  • Lightning can also strike houses and hit the animals sitting in them.

Generate lightning [edit]

With the command you can generate a lightning bolt at any position. The picture shows five simultaneously generated lightning bolts and their fires.

You can with one with discharge enchanted trident generate lightning during a thunderstorm when the trident hits a creature.

Technology [edit]

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Fear and Loathing
Hit a villager with lightning A joke to throw awayMeet a villager with a trident who is with discharge is enchanted


  • Unlike other weather effects, lightning has no texture data. Lightning bolts are programmed directly in the game and are displayed with uniform colors, as this enables more dynamic animation.
  • If a pig or a villager is hit by several lightning bolts at the same time, several zombified Piglins or witches are created. If a creeper is hit by several lightning bolts, however, only one charged creeper is created.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Beta 1.5
  • Weather added, with rain and snowfall there may be a thunderstorm.
  • When pigs are struck by lightning strikes in the overworld, they turn into swordless pig zombies.
  • Creepers get more explosive power when struck by lightning and charged.
Full version 1.4(12w32a)
  • The command is added and can be used to switch thunderstorms on and off.
Full version 1.8
Full version 1.9(15w38a)
  • During a thunderstorm, there is a small chance that skeletal horses and riders will spawn.
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID of the lightning is changed from "LightningBolt" to "lightning_bolt".
Full version 1.13(18w07b)
Full version 1.15(19w38a)
  • Added predicates with which you can test after a thunderstorm.
Full version 1.16(20w09a)
  • Although the pig zombie was renamed "Zombified Piglin", and thus there is no longer any connection between a zombified Piglin and a pig, a pig struck by lightning becomes a zombified Piglin, probably as a memory of the former pig zombie.