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Potentially dangerous animals

With Law 150/92, the Italian state prohibits keeping animals that pose a threat to health and public safety.

With the decree of the Minister of the Environment of April 19, 1996, the potentially dangerous animals were listed, which are prohibited from keeping. These are living specimens of wild or captive-born mammals and reptiles, which under certain environmental conditions can injure or even kill people. The species included in Appendix A of the aforementioned decree are as follows:

Class of mammals

Order of the marsupials:

  • all kinds of predatory and jumping baggers: e.g. bag mice, bag rats and kangaroos.

Order of the primates:

  • all kinds of lemurs, marmosets, new world monkeys, old world monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas.

Order of the predators:

  • Felidae: all kinds, namely lions, leopards, tigers, caracals, lynxes and wild cats;
  • Canine: all species with the exception of the red fox; Wolves, jackals and coyotes;
  • Marten-like: all badgers and otters, tayra and wolverines;
  • also all bears, raccoons, pandas and hyenas.

Order of the ungulates:

  • all species of wild boar with the exception of Eurasian;
  • all cervids and bovids with the exception of fallow and red deer as well as roe deer and mouflon.

Order of rodents:

  • all kinds of porcupines.

Class of reptiles

Order of the turtles:

  • Ancient water or pond turtle;
  • Vulture turtle;
  • Alligator turtle.

Order of the crocodiles:

  • all kinds of: crocodiles, alligators and caimans.

Order of the scaled reptiles:

  • Reticulated python or lattice snake;
  • Great or Northern anaconda;
  • all kinds of poisonous snakes.

Public and private scientific institutes are exempt from the prohibition on keeping, provided they are recognized as such. The Natural History Museum in South Tyrol is one of these institutions.

In South Tyrol, the authority to monitor the regulations laid down in the decree of the Minister for the Environment of April 19, 1996 has been transferred to the Office for Hunting and Fishing. The said office therefore also monitors the potentially dangerous animals of the traveling circuses.


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