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Emergency aid IV 2.0

The Emergency Aid IV 2.0 is again aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the media and culture sector that are not regularly or not predominantly publicly funded. Companies are now entitled to apply with two or more employees. The annual turnover must not exceed 10 million euros. The Emergency Aid IV 2.0 covers a funding period from September to the end of November 2020.

Applications for funds from the Emergency Aid Program IV 2.0 can be submitted from Monday, August 31, 2020, 9 a.m. to Friday, September 4, 2020, 6 p.m. in an exclusively online-based application process via the website of Investitionsbank Berlin.

The aid is aimed at cultural institutions / companies that work on a professional basis and have a nationwide presence. Private museums, theaters, music ensembles, music theaters, clubs / music venues with a focus on a live music program and / or a curated program, festivals, cinemas, companies in the production of films, video films and television programs are eligible to apply (this only includes companies that are "creative are involved in the production “of full-length cinema and television films), post-production and other film technology including dubbing studios and VFX companies, film rental and distribution (excluding video stores) of full-length cinema and television films as well as radio and television broadcasters.

The decision about a grant is based on the relevance for the cultural life in the city and the media location Berlin. A business audit is also decisive for the decision.

It is expected that the average grant amount will be around 25,000 euros. The grant amount is limited to a maximum of 500,000 euros and is based on a credibly insured liquidity bottleneck for the three months following the application. The payment should still be made in September, provided that all application requirements have been met.

It is important that applicants have used all relevant aid measures provided by the federal government and the state. In particular, it is a prerequisite for Emergency Aid IV 2.0 that, if possible, the federal bridging aid is used.

Further information on the program, how to apply and a detailed FAQ catalog can be found on the website of Investitionsbank Berlin.

We ask companies that are eligible to apply to have all the necessary documents ready to allow the application to be processed quickly.

If you have any questions about applications that go beyond the FAQ catalog, please contact our partner, the advisory center Kreativ Kultur Berlin of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, using the IBB contact form.

You can find the full press release from August 24th, 2020 here.

Special scholarship program

The Berlin Senate decided on a further emergency aid package at the end of July. The package includes 18 million euros for up to 2,000 special grants for Berlin artists and curators. Berlin is thus making a further contribution to the safeguarding and survival of the city's diverse cultural landscape.

Applications for funds from the special scholarship program can be submitted from Monday, August 31, 2020, 12 p.m. to Friday, September 11, 2020, 6 p.m. in an exclusively online-based application process via the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH website.

The special scholarship program is aimed at professional Berlin artists and curators (individuals). Berlin artists and curators who are professional, independent artistic or curatorial work in one or more of the following professional groups are eligible to apply:

• literary author, literary translator, poet,
• Painter, draftsman, illustrator, comic artist
• Sculptor
• Conceptual artist, experimental artist
• Performance * action artist
• Media artist, video artist
• Artistic photographer
• Curator in the field of visual arts
• Composer
• Sound artist
• Conductor, choir director, musical director
• Curator in the field of music
• Musician
• Singer
• Stage actor
• dancer
• Puppet, marionette, figure / object player
• Director in the field of performing arts / dance
• Choreographer, ballet dance master
• Dramaturge in the field of performing arts / dance
• Curator in the field of performing arts / dance
• Stage designer in the field of performing arts / dance
• Costume designer in the field of performing arts / dance
• Make-up artist in the field of performing arts / dance

Proof of professional, independent artistic activity is to be provided by the corresponding membership in the artists' social fund.
If there is no membership in the artist's social security fund, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe will examine in an individual case whether the prerequisites for professional and independent artistic or curatorial activity in one of the named professional groups are met.
The scholarships are awarded after the formal requirements have been checked in a lottery.

For applicants who can prove a degree of severe disability of at least 50%, an increase in the scholarship for assistance costs / access costs by up to 800 euros per month is possible.

The names of the selected scholarship holders will be published. The start of the payment of the scholarships is planned for the end of October / beginning of November 2020 by IBB - Investionsbank Berlin.

The link to the online form can be accessed from August 31, 2020, 12 noon.
Further information and a detailed FAQ catalog can be found on the website of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, which organizes the application process.
From Tuesday, August 25, 2020 until the end of the application period on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., questions beyond the FAQ catalog can be asked via the hotline 030 - 24 749 800 and at [email protected]

Information on already approved project funding and tenders from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Notes on already approved project funding: If the events are canceled due to force majeure, the costs incurred can be recognized as eligible expenditure, if necessary the measure can be carried out digitally or made up later. This also applies if only an early start of measures has been approved so far.

You can find further information on the current calls for proposals from the cultural administration on this page.

Procedural simplifications in grant law

In order to cushion the consequences of the COVID 19 virus for the recipients of project funding, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe is facilitating procedural simplifications in grant law.
The exceptions are possible for all grants whose funding has already been approved or whose application has been submitted to the Senate Department for Culture and Europe by March 15, 2020.
You can find them here Process simplifications.

Tax office: lower tax prepayments

Companies and the self-employed who get into economic difficulties due to the coronavirus can use various tax assistance offers to relieve themselves by contacting their responsible tax office. This includes:
- Reduction or suspension of current advance payments for income tax upon request
- Deferred tax payments
- Remission of late payment penalties
- Waiver of enforcement measures