Why was BitConnect shut down

BitConnect: This is how the FBI now wants to track down influencers

The search for the BitConnect advertisers is far from over for the FBI. This is how the bureau now wants to track down the influencers:

Probably the most prominent case of fraud in the short but turbulent crypto history was BitConnect. The company, which promised its customers returns of around 10% per month, turned out to be a pyramid system, unsurprisingly for critical analysts, and then finally collapsed in January 2018.

The fraudsters had set up the website back in 2016 and during that time cheated many thousands of victims out of several million dollars. The firm's native crypto token, BCC, peaked at an incredible total of $ 2.6 billion in market cap.

High affiliate commissions made the scam perfect. Numerous YouTubers, including the German YouTuber Mo, seized the opportunity and just continued to inflate the balloon. The price collapse in January 2018 then caused the fraudsters to close the barn doors and deprive the numerous customers of their credit balances.

A new form has now appeared on the website of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), which gives victims of fraud the opportunity to disclose who led them to join the pyramid scheme. With the help of this new offensive, BitConnect decoys that have so far remained under the radar are also to be captured.

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