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do apprends


Do you learnto run in sunlight?
Do you learn still walking in sunlight?
The do you learn in no school.
There do you learn Banking, bookkeeping and a little bookkeeping.
Do apprendras the operations de banque et un peu de comptabilité.
Count the steps, otherwise do you learn's never.
What's this? Do you learn Play piano?
Do you learnTo save lives and make the world a better place?
Do apprends à sauver des vies et à rendre le monde meilleur?
Do you learn that, this will benefit you.
If you show enough houses, then do you learn all tricks.
Si tu montres assez de maisons, do apprends tous les tours.
Look at me, maybe do you learn What.
Si tu continues à m'observer, do apprendras peut-être quelque chose.
You're still young, maybe do you learn to.
Maybe do you learn someday to trust me.
Do you learn always this morning?
How Do you learn continue reading and writing?
"Comment pourras-tu continuer à apprendre à lire et à écrire? "
Do you learn still all about the world?
Do you learn that at university?
Do you learn because never to be practical?
Do you learn not even names anymore?
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