I can just buy Microsoft Outlook

Buying Microsoft Outlook as a single license - is that possible?

If you are looking for the most popular e-mail program and want to buy Microsoft Outlook, you will find many offers on the Internet. This also includes options that Outlook 2016 offers as a single license. In our article in week 15, we explain to you why it is still more worthwhile to purchase the complete Microsoft Office package from License King.

Buy Outlook from License King

You can also get the latest Outlook Mail program from Microsoft on the Internet as a download for 135 € directly from the manufacturer in Richmond. Office programs such as Microsoft Outlook Mail are also offered individually at Amazon and various Internet retailers. But is it really worth buying a single office program?

We mean no. Because based on the total price and taking into account the top service that you enjoy at LicensingKing after buying a Microsoft Office Edition, we always recommend buying a complete package such as Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (140 €) or Microsoft Office 2013 Home And Business (58 €). Because companies and freelancers (for the home office) need Excel, Word and PowerPoint in addition to Outlook.

In addition, when making purchases on the Internet, you always have to be on the lookout for dubious dealers. There are many well-poisoned people lurking on eBay and Amazon in particular, who pour sour vinegar into their low-priced sweet wine in the form of license blocks after paying. So-called key sellers buy illegal licenses on Internet portals in Eastern Europe or Asia that were actually intended for developers or institutions such as universities and authorities. The bona fide customer seizes it and is left empty-handed when Microsoft blocks the illegal license.

In 2014, for example, the manufacturer did this over 50,000 times. The purchase price is usually not returned either, as digital download deals, for example, are also not covered by PayPal's buyer protection. You should therefore buy your complete office package directly from Germany's number 1 for new and used software! With License King you are 100% legal and always on the safe side when purchasing a license.

Buy Outlook from License King: This can be done by the e-mail program

With Microsoft Outlook you are always productive with the help of the uniform and clear view of your e-mails, files, contacts and calendar and stay in touch with your business partners, friends and relatives. And that works perfectly on the go, too, because you can work with Outlook e-mail on your Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone and iPad on the go.

Thanks to the constant synchronization, you will never miss a contact, message or meeting. E-mails, contacts and appointments from Hotmail and Outlook.com are push-based, so that you are immediately notified live when there is a new entry. You can speed up communication thanks to the clear navigation bar, which can be used to conveniently open e-mails, tasks, contacts and calendars. This means that you have everything you need for your productivity to hand quickly.

Without discarding a spontaneous idea or changing a window, you can check a single appointment or your entire schedule, as well as check details or a task relating to an e-mail recipient. You can sort multiple contacts, including all related contact information, such as updates from social networks, in a single view. This avoids annoying duplicates and you immediately understand the social context.

Productivity is also screwed up by calendar sharing. This makes it easier to answer invitations efficiently and plan meetings effectively when colleagues, employees and superiors can also see your calendar. Microsoft Outlook 2016 is your hard-working secretary who is on duty 24/7, confidently manages and plans your appointments and contacts and is always reliably responsible for your e-mails.

In comparison: Microsoft Outlook Mail and Thunderbird

Anyone who is pregnant with the idea of ​​getting an email program is often faced with the decision to use Microsoft Outlook or another program such as Thunderbird from Mozilla. A very important aspect of an e-mail program is security. Both services come up trumps with individual setting options for incoming mail. For example, images are not reloaded immediately. You can also adjust the central settings for both Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird to your liking.

In terms of user guidance, however, the advantages are clearly with Outlook e-mail. While the creation of new tasks and appointments can be implemented quickly with both programs, Thunderbird lacks clarity. Outlook, on the other hand, only needs the one-time entry of a workflow and you will be reminded of everyday tasks as if by magic.

Thunderbird also masters the basic things like emails, notes and tasks veritably, but the program leaves a lot to be desired in terms of individuality. Because additional functions can only be used via add-ons without automatic updates. Here, too, Outlook is clearly ahead, especially because the manufacturer Microsoft promises regular product updates, including with regard to the range of functions. A lush minus point for Mozilla's e-mail program is of course the fact that Thunderbird's development was stopped at the end of 2012. Since then, only stability and security updates have been made available.

Microsoft Outlook versus Gmail

The greatest advantage of Microsoft Outlook over Google's e-mail is the ability to send larger files. This is especially important for companies and freelancers who often send byte-heavy attachments with their emails. In addition to 15 GB of storage space, Outlook also offers file attachments of up to 25 MB. There is no difference between the two programs. However, larger files of up to 10 GB can also be shared with Outlook via a OneDrive link. So here, too, clear points for Microsoft Outlook.

So Microsoft Outlook is the trump card! Play it out today with License King! Because at Germany's first address for new and used software, buying Outlook with super service and top price is 100% legal and 100% safe!