What are the worst foods for acne

Getting rid of pimples: tips for blemished skin

Whether young or adult skin: The formation of pimples is always the same. Impurities arise on the sebum follicle. If the exit of the follicle becomes horny, bacteria, talc and cell debris collect in the pore. The birth of a pimple! While the increased release of male sex hormones (androgens) is mostly responsible in adolescents, the reasons for pimples in mature adult skin can be very diverse.

Causes of pimples on mature skin

Changes in hormonal balance

After hormonal changes, such as after stopping the pill, after childbirth or the onset of menopause, the skin often changes too. The resulting imbalance of the sex hormones (overproduction of the male sex hormone testosterone) stimulates the sebum glands of the skin, as it did during puberty. Pimples and blemishes are often the result, especially in women who struggled with blemished skin in puberty, this complexion often returns.

Stress and external environmental influences

In addition to fluctuations in hormones, the skin also reacts to stress. Pimples and blackheads can be the result. Reason: In times of stress, the body releases more hormones such as cortisol, which stimulate sebum production. In addition, we touch our faces more often in stressful times, nervous tingling spreads bacteria on the skin and thus promotes the development of more pimples. Many women are also prone to sweets and fast food when they are energized: these are also suspected of promoting pimple formation. A vicious circle!

Bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle

Diet can also play a role in the development of pimples. Foods with a high glycemic index (high-carbohydrate foods, sweets, ready-made products) favor the development of pimples because they cause the blood sugar level to rise sharply and thus stimulate the formation of androgens, which in turn cause the sebum glands to produce more fat. The result: blemished skin. Even saturated fatty acids (such as in fast food) should be reduced as much as possible for the sake of the skin, unsaturated fatty acids such as in salmon or avocado, on the other hand, are beneficial for the complexion.

Not scientifically proven, but repeatedly discussed: Dairy products and their negative influence on the complexion. Trying is better than studying: doing without it for a while and observing changes in the skin. In many cases, avoiding or reducing cow's milk products has resulted in the relief of late acne and blemished skin.

Lifestyle is also a decisive factor when it comes to the complexion of the skin. Regular exercise and sport stimulate blood circulation in the skin, strengthen the immune system and prevent pimples. Getting enough sleep and drinking a lot also have a positive effect. Nicotine and alcohol, on the other hand, favor blemished skin.