Why aren't schools doing more against ADHD

ADHD in School: Strategies for School and Instruction

Teachers of children with hyperkinetic disorders are often in a particularly difficult position. You have to demand behavior from the affected child that is particularly difficult for them - namely to sit quietly in one place for a long period of time and to concentrate on the content of the lesson. In addition, there is usually not only one problem child in a class.

It is very difficult to respond to the individual needs of hyperkinetic children and teachers often get into a so-called vicious circle: The teacher constantly admonishes the child, eventually becomes angry and no longer knows what to do. However, if the child occasionally succeeds in complying with the prompts, then the teacher is so happy that he can continue with the lesson undisturbed and does not get around to praising the child's behavior and paying attention to it.

Well-designed framework conditions can be the basis for a calm and pleasant learning atmosphere for the entire class as well as for an individual student. At the same time, framework conditions define a framework for action and provide orientation for the entire school, the class, the teachers, but also for the individual pupil. Since your sole scope of action is limited at school level, we would like to briefly introduce this aspect to you at this point and then go into more detail about the framework conditions at class level and the relationship with your student.