Why is learning HTML5 necessary

How can you learn HTML5

Some people ask, "How can I learn HTML5?" If you are one of those people interested in the advancement of the World Wide Web, you may be struggling to find the right resources. Some academies and courses promise high levels of performance in HTML, but it costs a lot of money. Below are our suggestions on how to learn this language for free.

What is html5

HTML5 is the fifth revised version of the HTML standard. HTML is an abbreviation of Hypertext Markup Language and refers to the standard markup language that programmers from all over the world use to use websites and apps. It was established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1993 and has been updated four times since then.

The latest version or modernization of HTML came in 2014, it has improved the language in relation to the latest multimedia content, including parsing rules, ability to use inline SVG and MathML in text / html, new elements, types of form controls, and much more more.

Where can you learn HTML5 for free?

There are several web courses available to help you learn HTML5 and start coding. However, here is a short list of three websites that can give you results. Check out our suggestions.

1. W3C

World Wide Web Consortium is the producer of HTML, the language on which the Internet is built. Since you want to bring them closer to other people, it's no wonder that they free courses offer with the topic: how to code in HTML5.

You can join the course via edX, it lasts six weeks. You will probably need 6-8 hours per week if you want to complete the course. But if you want a certified certificate - request it (you will, of course, have to pay for it).


Another great MOOC is “Introduction to HTML5” on Coursera. This course is the first of five courses in Web Design for Specialization (Basics of Web Development and Coding) from the University of Michigan. This course lasts three weeks and takes 2-4 hours / week. To complete it, you need to complete all of the assessed tasks. As with edX, if you want official, certified recognition, request it, you will receive the certificate in the mail. But you will have to pay for it.


“Learn HTML5 programming from scratch” is a free Udemy course. It is made up of 6 teaching hours each containing around 10 hours of video material; Access to the video material is available at all times. You discuss, by the end of the course you will be ready to create fully developed HTML5 websites, understand HTML and CSS, and create web apps on mobile devices. You will receive a completed course certificate which can be helpful for later job searches.

Back to you

How did you learn to code in HTML5? Have you taken courses, maybe an academy or even college or university program in computer science? What do you think of this: can a person learn to code on their own, or is a mentoring program necessary? We'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment.

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