How do insurance specialists work

MDT Travel Broker aims to win new customers

Stefan Winiarski knows the answer. He has been Managing Director of MDT Travel Underwriting since March 2017. One of the main reasons for converting the company into a multiple agent was the wish to continue to operate the lucrative claims processing that is in demand by insurance partners in addition to the brokerage of policies. "We handle a little more than 30,000 claims a year," says Winiarski. A business that MDT wants to expand further.

The background to the renovation at that time was a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice on January 14, 2016 (file number ZR107 / 14). It prohibits claims settlement through insurance brokers. The judges justified this with a potential conflict of interest. Underwriters, on the other hand, as multiple agents such as MDT Travel Underwriting are called in technical jargon, are allowed to do the balancing act between sales and claims offices. They are in the insurer's warehouse.

Customer loyalty through further contracts

Brokers, on the other hand, are in the warehouse of the travel companies and are allowed to act on behalf of the insurers. MDT now wants to be able to offer this trust advantage again with the broker launched at the beginning of November. "We had a strategic disadvantage, especially when it came to gaining new customers," explains Winiarski. The broker should primarily focus on event organizers and win new customers among them. The underwriter works as before, looks after existing customers and will continue to be active in sales for travel agencies and tour operators.

MDT mother MRH Trowe founded the broker together with Claudia Pascher-Kneissl. The travel insurance expert and former head of the competitor TAS shares the management with Maximilian Trowe, who is also the board member of MRH Trowe Holding. In addition to tourist insurance, the portfolio includes travel insurance, tour operator liability insurance and customer money insurance, other product concepts: from cyber to electrical and legal protection, from vehicle fleet insurance to company pension schemes. "We have the know-how in-house," says Pascher-Kneissl and wants to use the knowledge of the MRH-Trowe group from other industries for this.

Martin Pascher-Kneissl, Claudia Pascher-Kneissl's husband, was also engaged for product development. Since November, the former TAS managing director has been co-boss of MDT Travel Underwriting alongside Stefan Winiarski, where he will primarily expand the corporate insurance area. "The broker gets the mandates. The underwriter takes care of the concepts with my insurance know-how," says Martin Pascher-Kneissl, describing the planned interaction.

The MDT managers see the greatest growth opportunities in the non-tourist policies, which travel companies can obtain from a single source with tourist contracts from MDT. Broker boss Claudia Pascher-Kneissl calls this "customer loyalty through further contracts".