Did you love Avengers Endgame?

Everything Wrong With "Avengers: Endgame"

I loved "Infinity War" and was broken and deeply disappointed by "Endgame". This article is intended to uncover inconsistencies as well as reflect my very subjective opinion.

The time stamp starts with the first image you see in the film. In this case, it's the bow and daughter of Hawkeye. If you remember the film reasonably well, most of the paragraphs should explain themselves. Otherwise, the film can already be found in a very reasonable quality as a stream on the Internet.

Act 1

00:01 This first scene with Hawkeye is basically a success and was to be expected after the trailers as well. Personally, I'm just not a fan of MCU films starting directly with a scene before the Marvel intro flickers across the screen. It seems very abrupt to me and in my opinion, a logo should simply be placed in front of a film so that you know: "Okay, let's go."

The real mistake in this scene, however, is that Clint's children, clearly shown here on the daughter, are much too old. The last time we saw her was in Age of Ultron and there his daughter looked like a 5-6 year old to me. Up to the end of "Infinity War" a maximum of 3 years have passed and the daughter looks like a 13-14 year old teenager. The little son, who was still in his mother's womb in “Age of Ultron”, is also obviously older than 3 years.

01:53 Some song about the Marvel intro. I hate it. Why Russos? Are you filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? I expect a consistent melancholy sequel to “Infinity War”. I remember your other MCU films. The film score and an oppressive quiet atmosphere marked the beginning of “Infinity War”. You have to set the tone of a film and this music doesn't. Or does it? The impending disaster?

02:37 And we start with a consciously cheerful scene between Nebula and Tony in the spaceship. Aren't the two of them on the verge of dying, as the trailers suggested? This scene serves no purpose, it could just be cut out. It undermines the actual gloomy atmosphere that takes place on the ship immediately afterwards. In addition, Nebula‘s grim body language is again deliberately played, which is deliberately exploited for a laugh. It was already annoying in GotG Vol. 2 and is not funny.
And here too: The song completely undermines the starting position after “Infinity War”. Yes, you are on the Star Lord's ship. And yes, there is probably his music lying around there. But don't you have to save resources and energy? A running music player hardly contributes to this.

03:10 This sequence was successful. With that, the movie should have started after the Marvel logo. Hawkeye's scene could have been placed later, since you won't see him again for almost an hour anyway. It's just a shame that this scene only lasts about 5 minutes. Why could this hopeless situation not have lasted 15 minutes? After all, you have three hours ...

07:57 ... oh no, Captain Marvel. That's how Tony Stark makes it back to earth, seriously? The first plot convenience in this film. And God, there are so many of them. And wait a minute ... how did Captain Marvel find the ship? No Avenger on earth knew which planet Tony was on. And even if: Tony and Nebula have already been on the road for 22 days. How does Captain Marvel want her to be found? Oh yes, because plot. At the same time, this scene means that the post-credit scene from "Captain Marvel" does not appear in this film. Does Marvel really require every viewer to have seen "Captain Marvel" in order to understand why she suddenly cooperates with the Avengers on Earth? There is no further explanation. She's just there chatting with the Avengers like it's the most normal thing in the world. Still: You have three hours. What is the time wasted if you don't even find the time to properly introduce Captain Marvel to every viewer? Aren't the same people working here who have so well introduced Black Panther and Spider-Man to the MCU?

08:14 Actually a tiny bit and nothing I would normally criticize, but why does Cap's mirror wobble and a big hum grips the Avengers base? That can hardly come from the broken spaceship. Or has Captain Marvel recently started making the noise of an airplane when it flies? Especially since it lands very slowly and relaxed on the meadow.

8:55 am Finally, the reunion of Steve and Tony! The fans have been waiting for this for 3 years. Ever since they fell out in a highly emotional fight and went their separate ways. The two leaders of the Avengers…. "I couldn't stop him.", "We lost." - Wait a minute, was that it now? 20 seconds and cut, next scene? It wasn't all bad now, but God, that was overwhelming. Did the "Civil War" scriptwriters and directors not think of anything else? Wow.

14:53 Everything was fine up to here. Character interaction, the great strength of the MCU and the Avengers films. Good dialogues, good character behavior and a targeted exchange of information. Only this logo ... already with "Infinity War" I found the font and presentation of the title somehow so ... boring. Here you should be more creative and not let it appear as if you had left the intern to design it.

19:55 Up to the time jump the film is also good. Actually, the first act of the film ends here. The plot is coherent, takes an unexpected direction and leaves the viewer all the more excited to see how the story could go on now.

Nevertheless, there are already some faulty constructions in the story that will only reveal themselves later. Why is the snap anything but final? If you can just snap again to undo everything, then this omnipotent weapon is anything but threatening. Sure, Thanos snapped again to destroy the stones, but it still makes this weapon look less impressive.
The second problem can be found in the death of Thanos: Yes, it seems cool and exciting at first that Thor simply beheads him. But now we are missing this Thanos. Later we will receive the Thanos from the past, but it is simply unsatisfactory when we are presented with a Thanos who is 5 years younger. He doesn't have all the memories, he doesn't even have the connection to the Avengers. How much cooler would it have been if Thanos had fought Thor, Cap and Iron Man again later and had remembered while doing so? Instead, we almost get another person, someone who drops his ideology, his plan and degenerates into any world-destroying villain. It just doesn't work for the story and ends the series with a much less exciting antagonist than he was in "Infinity War".