Should you be home teaching in Canada

First-hand corona experience - Nico on Vancouver Island!

How restricted is going to school?

Similar to Germany, the schools in the Comox Valley were closed due to the corona virus. Classes have been taking place online since March 28th. Since June 1st my school, the GP Vanier Secondary School, has reopened. The final year students are allowed to go to school all week long. For the other years, there is one day a week on which you can go to school to clarify questions with teachers or complete tasks. You are only allowed to go to school if you have previously made an appointment with a teacher by email, and you have to leave school as soon as you have finished your work. I myself have been to school once and have clarified a question with a teacher. The actual lessons continue to take place online.

How much do you have to work from home?

In my case, the work is limited as only two of my subjects (English and history) are taught online. One to two video conferences per week take place per subject. The work orders often consist of PowerPoint presentations to which you have to answer questions. Sometimes I have to write essays too. The teachers then give brief feedback on the tasks given. Tests are rather rare. Mostly they are multiple choice tests. The tasks to be worked on are a little more difficult than the tasks that we were given beforehand in the face-to-face class, but they are definitely feasible. The level of difficulty of the tasks is overall somewhat lower than at my high school in Germany.

My host brother, who goes to Highland Secondary School, has a little more work than I do, because apparently more subjects are taught there during the quarantine period. My host sister, who goes to the private school “Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy”, has a lot more work than we do.

How can you move around in public space? Do you always have to be in the house?

No. Supermarkets are now open to everyone, but expect a line in front of the store. Other stores will also reopen over time. Whether you can meet up with friends depends on the host family. The authorities now allow smaller groups to meet if you keep a safe distance. But there are also host families who forbid their international students from going out or meeting friends. In my case, my host family allows me to meet up with friends as long as we keep a safe distance of 6 feet and we are outside. For activities with friends, large lakes for swimming or mountain bike trails in Cumberland are great. My host family also regularly takes us (my host brother and me) to beaches, streams or on short hikes.

Thank you Nico for your descriptions! We wish you a nice rest of the time in Canada and a safe journey back! Stay well !!