Which project should I do in instrumentation?

The funding instruments of the FFG

We promote research, development and innovation with specific funding goals in different constellations and project types. The Funding instruments of the FFG represent these different funding approaches:

  • Started: Exploring research and development topics or innovation options and first steps in preparation for the project
  • FEI project: Concrete R&D projects from oriented basic research to development projects close to the market
  • Market launch: Results from the R&D phase are introduced to the market
  • Structure: Development and improvement of structures and infrastructures for research and innovation
  • People: Promotion of young talent, qualification of R&D employees, improvement of equal opportunities
  • Expenditure: Implementation of commissioned R&D services on specific issues


What are instruments?

The ones listed below Instruments describe the criteria and types of projects that are funded in the context of specific calls for proposals. This includes, among other things, the organizations entitled to participate, the respective activities that are funded and the amount of funding (proportion of the total costs).

Instruments thus represent a "template" for all tenders. Project submissions (Funding applications) are only possible within the framework of the open calls for proposals.

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