Did Alan Watts do drugs

Mind and present

As usual, another interesting article.

I would like to address a few things, however, because they are also interspersed with black-and-white thinking and thus their actual added value is lost. So I would refrain from "religion bashing" in the first point. There is no question that a lot of people are blindly indoctrinated and obeyed, but the question should be whether it is the fault of the material to be taught or the inability of the people to absorb them. I am not a staunch Christian or belong to any religion, but I think that there is something to be learned from the teachings - if you set the right bar.

For those of us who are interested in philosophy / psychology, the teachings of the Bible might be interesting to see Jesus as some sort of maxim of the human state of mind rather than an actual / fictional person doing miracles. Many are too busy judging things that are not actually to blame. Guns do not kill people, but people use them to kill. Religion (s) do not cause war, but people with human pretexts. Same for politics. Basically everything can always be traced back to human egoism or the lack of respect and acceptance of things and / or of the other. Your own belief (s) are not questioned; must not be questioned.

Thus religion is only a framework such as temperament teachings (MBTI, Socionics, etc.) so that more rape occurs than actual benefit. In the context of the MBTI framework, for example, a type is often used as a justification / excuse for misconduct. "I'm anti-social, I hate people and I'm an asshole - that's okay and normal, I'm an ISTP". The same principle can be applied to many things and the bottom line can be traced back to a lack of personal responsibility on the part of the individual. At least in my humble life experience;)

The idea that we are all one is not wrong and I think it is important. Realizing and internalizing them, however, usually overwhelms the mind - until it "clicks" at some point. Jung, for example, spoke of the collective subconscious in which everything is that has ever existed, is and beyond, perhaps everything that is yet to come. He called the projection of this subconscious, which people are intuitively aware of somewhere, "God". Say God needs people to exist, because we invent them as a projection of the facts of the universe in order to create a simplistic picture for us to make this reality clear to us. The macabre thing is therefore also everything that we give credit to God belongs to us and is in us and ergo we could also be / become so if we tried. Instead, we project our goodness, good-naturedness, humanity etc. away from us instead of living them.

If the borders disappeared and there was respect and acceptance, there would be no more conflict. If the walls fell and we didn't separate from each other, there would be only one thing - the question would be whether we could actually manage to get rid of these characteristics of our being, because, as Watts says, one would have to have unlimited trust in the world, nature and surroundings and have each other. Trust in the system, which we perceive as exclusively chaos, that embodies the universe.

The illusion of power and control is truly what holds us back as a species - because neither nor is there and that scares us. A fear that many are unwilling to look in the eye or overcome.

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