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Lebara customers can surf faster - when is LTE coming?

Lebara customers will soon surf faster
Logo: Lebara At the beginning of July, we published an overview of mobile phone providers whose tariffs are no longer up-to-date for at least one reason under the title Finger away from these mobile phone discounters. The article had caused quite a stir in the industry - especially in view of the still lack of LTE activation at numerous providers in the face of an imminent UMTS shutdown.

In the past two months, however, a lot has happened, and fortunately the article is now out of date on some points. One of the providers named there was the ethno discounter Lebara, which is part of the Telekom network and which is finally moving.

First of all, higher surfing speed in the 3G network

Lebara customers will soon surf faster
Logo: Lebara As Deutsche Telekom, the wholesale supplier of Lebara, announced today, all Lebara customers will soon be able to surf the 3G network at a faster speed than before. At first, that was the only message from Telekom, which of course was far too imprecise for us. When asked, a Telekom spokesman told us that Lebara customers will be able to surf with a maximum of 18 Mbit / s in the future.

When we asked whether this will generally be the case in all Lebara tariffs and tariff options, Telekom replied: "Our partner Lebara decides which maximum speed is offered to the end customer in which tariff / which tariff family." It is therefore possible that not all customers will be able to surf at this maximum speed.

Telekom offered Lebara LTE

Of course, we also asked when Lebara customers will finally get the long-awaited LTE activation. Telekom wrote: "We are the wholesale supplier of our partner Lebara. We want to provide Lebara 4G and at the same time the technical services on the LTE standard. We cannot answer when Lebara will offer LTE to its customers."

This means that it is official that Telekom Lebara has offered LTE activation and that the ball to accept this now lies with Lebara. Telekom did not want to answer the question of whether Lebara would also activate LTE for its existing customers - after all, this is Lebara's decision-making authority.

Because of the unanswered questions, we turned to Lebara and will get back to you when Lebara gives us information about the further procedure.

In the meantime, however, there is sad certainty for 1 & 1 mobile customers in the Vodafone network - they will not get any Vodafone LTE in the future either.