Why do people harass Brie Larson

Fans make stink: "Captain Marvel" petition against Brie Larson

What ridiculous petitions there are ^^
Larson would have proven that she was an ally of social injustice. So they are demanding that Monica, the original, female, black Captain Marvel take on this role instead of another white-washing case that is only meant to please the straight, white men who run Disney.

Ehmm ok. Didn't Brie Larson first attract the internet hatred and shit storm because she dared to criticize the white male establishment?
And now the next group comes and wants a black homosexual Captain Marvel because this group thinks the white men can't get enough of Larson?

So with all my love, if everyone is allowed to complain somehow, then I'll do this too! So I want a bisexual black transgender Carole Danvers, who had a difficult childhood and could never decide between Carole and Carl. To make matters worse, she was adopted by a gay Asian couple at the age of 13. That would be worth a petition!

The petition is fair, it just doesn't fit into the MCU. After all, films are made for the audience, and if the audience does not like something, they immediately complain. We have to like it after all.
Yep! I see the same way. After all, Captain Marvel is already in the list of the most successful films of all time at number 22 and took 1.2 million. In addition, she is portrayed by an actress who won countless prizes at a young age. You are of course right that this majority, which does not fit the film, had to be forced to see this arrogant cow on the screen. Surely these were those childish teenage MCU fanboys, not yet in the middle of life, who ran to the cinema 100 times just to wipe one out from the majority.

Some people, really ...