How do fashion bloggers work with brands

Fashion bloggerFast and close to the customer

"And the winner in the" most influencial blog "category is ... Kenza!" - 22-year-old Kenza Zouiten shakes her head in disbelief. The young woman from Sweden can't believe it: On the eve of Berlin Fashion Week, she received an award for the "most influential fashion blog". Of course, extremely fashionable, in a long, white dress, as if she were going to graduation, she accepts the trophy. Receives congratulations. Then gives autographs.

"I'm happy, it feels amazing! I mean, I'm here in Germany and I'm winning a prize with my blog from Sweden! That's great!"

At the age of 15, Kenza started keeping an online diary. Wrote about school, first boyfriend and of course a lot about fashion. Thanks to high-quality photos, sympathetic entries and certainly also thanks to her good looks, because Kenza models herself and has received a lot of attention over the years. And now an international award!

"It means a lot to me! It's a demanding category, the others were also very good. And my price? Yeah, I didn't really hear it. Because I was so nervous. It's a trip to Paris, isn't it? Yeah , I've already forgotten it again. I have to check it again! "

"Alone I am stronger as a brand"

Yes, a trip to Paris. But no private leave. But a trip to the French online shopping platform Vestiaire Collective, one of the sponsors of the event. The company wants to work with the Swede and has high hopes for it. Because bloggers have become important for the fashion market. You are close to the end user and work quickly. Thanks to cell phones and tablets, they can spread their fashionable impressions all over the world directly from the catwalk. But: The competition is fierce and attention is scarce, says the managing director of the organizer Stylight, Benjamin G√ľnther. And that's why collaborations with companies are also attractive for bloggers to earn money.

"I think there are around 10,000 really professionally run blogs. The entry barrier to blogging is of course very easy because the technical requirements are very simple and basically anyone can set up a blog. But there are only a few who blog really professionally."

Let alone be able to pay their rent from it. The successful blogger Kenza from Sweden also has several pillars. She earns money as a model and is currently trying to establish a clothing label. Your blog makes a difference through advertising banners. In her opinion, it doesn't make her dependent.

"I want my blog to remain real. I don't want to advertise too much. I want the readers to see that it is MY blog. I decline almost all offers of cooperation because I think that I am stronger as a brand than if I were I mix them up too much. "

Bloggers also have to make a living somehow

Other authors have entire publishers, for example Burda, or large fashion houses as sponsors in the background. They blog about products that are given to them - and are therefore also subject to criticism. Especially with their biggest competitors, the fashion magazines. Stephanie Morcinek, editor at Stylight, loves bloggers, but thinks many are for sale.

"If you are of course full-time bloggers, you have to earn your money somehow. And that is done through advertising deals. But that is also the case with magazines. We also have advertisers and we have to live off of it. That is such a double-edged sword. Only completely few bloggers can really make a living from blogging. "

As is so often the case, one hand washes the other. And now even the big competitors bloggers and print magazines are working together and simply ignoring the fact that they actually don't like each other. Today, fashion magazines such as "Grazia" or "Instyle" are giving well-known bloggers space in the magazine, giving them regular rubrics and thereby trying to increase their circulation figures. A surprising number of magazine editors also came to the Blogger Award ceremony in Berlin.

"So the magazines have an advantage over the bloggers because they have a journalistic training, do research, invest time to collect all the information. And bloggers have the fast pace ahead of the magazine. Bloggers are becoming more and more important, you shouldn't ignore that. But magazines will endure. "