What makes immigration control racist

Parliament condemns all forms of racism, hatred and violence 

In a resolution passed on Friday by 493 votes in favor, 104 against, 67 abstentions, Parliament strongly condemns "the appalling death of George Floyd in the United States and similar killings in other parts of the world." Urges United States authorities to take decisive steps to address structural racism and inequalities in the country. They condemn the police crackdown on peaceful demonstrators and journalists and deeply regret the threat and "inflammatory rhetoric" made by the US President to use the US Army.

Parliament supports the recent massive protests in European capitals and cities around the world against racism and discrimination and condemns "the superiority of white people in all its forms". MEPs condemn the "incidents of looting, arson, vandalism and destruction of public and private property by some violent demonstrators" and call for "the disproportionate use of force and racist tendencies in law enforcement in the EU, the US and at large To denounce the world emphatically and publicly whenever this happens. "

The use of force by law enforcement agencies should always be "lawful, proportionate, necessary and the last resort," emphasize MEPs, who find that excessive use of force against crowds violates the principle of proportionality. Cases of police brutality and abuse should not go unpunished, underlining them, indicating that citizens have the right to record scenes of police violence that can be used as evidence.

End racial and ethnic profiling, promote diversity within the police force

The text calls on the EU and its Member States to put an end to racial and ethnic profiling in law enforcement, counter-terrorism and immigration controls. New technologies to be used by law enforcement agencies should be designed and used in such a way that they do not pose a risk of discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities.

Police and law enforcement officials would also have to “show exemplary behavior” when it comes to anti-racism and discrimination. MEPs also urge Member States to step up measures to increase diversity within the police force.

European crimes against humanity committed in the past against people of dark skin

The EU institutions and Member States should officially recognize historical injustices and crimes against humanity perpetrated against darker skinned people and Roma, according to Parliament, which declared that slavery is a crime against humanity.

They urge the fight against discrimination for whatever reason in the EU and therefore urge the Council to immediately resume negotiations on the horizontal directive on non-discrimination, which has been blocked since the Commission's proposal in 2008 and complete.

The resolution underlines that racist and xenophobic expressions do not fall under the right to freedom of expression. The MPs condemn the fact that "extremist and xenophobic political forces around the world are increasingly falsifying historical facts, statistical data and scientific knowledge and using symbols and rhetorical figures that take up aspects of totalitarian propaganda, such as racism, anti-Semitism and hatred of minorities."