Donald Trump married Melania out of love

Donald and Melania Trump: how real is their love?

Compared to the Obamas, the relationship between Donald Trump and his wife Melania seems very distant. How real is their love really?

It has been a reality since January 20: Donald Trump (70) is officially the 45th President of the United States of America. His wife Melania (46) showed up at his side during the entire swearing-in ceremony. However, she seemed anything but comfortable with it. The couple has been married for twelve years - but how real is the love of the new first couple?

Nod instead of kissing the hand

Admittedly: Compared to Barack (55) and Michelle Obama (53), the two could only actually lose. Nevertheless, the direct comparison on the day of the inauguration made it clear how distant the relationship between Trump and the Slovenian ex-model seems to be. For example, when the Obamas officially bid farewell to the White House: When the two women were led to their husbands on the steps of the Capitol, Melanie only gave a short nod, while Michelle gave a gentle kiss on the hand.

And even at the "Liberty Ball" in Washington there was little affection to be seen. When the new president danced to Frank Sinatra's "My Way" with Melania, you couldn't get rid of the feeling that she would rather be somewhere else. Her smile seemed fake and her posture alone spoke volumes. The loveless togetherness was hardly to be seen. While he was pulling her towards him while dancing, Melanie seemed to lean as far away from him as possible. Relaxed togetherness looks different ...

Absence and embarrassment in the election campaign

Even during the election campaign, Melania usually shone with her absence. And when she presented herself in public, the response was mostly negative. Her infrequent speeches were, if not copied from Michelle Obama, hardly to not at all convincing. In particular, the defense of her husband after the sex scandal seemed simply rehearsed and purely a calculation of the election campaign team. Mitigating statements such as "That was talk of boys" and blame such as "He was incited by the moderator to say dirty and bad things" did not seem anything but real.

In addition, Trump repeatedly brings the 46-year-old into uncomfortable situations - most recently just a few hours before he took office. When appearing in front of supporters, he surprised them with a public speech. Here, too, it was clear how uncomfortable she felt. Whether it is just public pressure or whether something is actually wrong in the marriage of the presidential couple remains questionable.

Trump and his women

The real estate mogul and the model met in September 1998 at a party. Trump's previous marriages have already proven that Trump has a preference for beautiful women. He was married to the model Ivana Trump (67) for around 14 years. They have three children, Donald Jr. (39), Ivanka (35) and Eric (33). The marriage with the actress Marla Maples (53), his previous affair, then lasted six years. The 23-year-old daughter Tiffany comes from this marriage. Both ex-wives publicly demonstrated support and came to Trump's swearing-in. Ivana even emphasized that he would be a good president for sure.

On the other hand, Melania's qualities as a first lady are doubted. Sometimes she cannot give speeches, complained about Trump's first wife in an earlier interview. This is exactly what Melania will probably want to avoid in the near future. So it should probably come in handy for her that she will stay in New York with their son Barron (10) until the end of the school year ...