How was your 10th math test


The crucial phase of the final exams begins for the 10th grade students. With the central exams, depending on the federal state, the pupils achieve: the secondary school leaving certificate, the technical high school certificate, the secondary school certificate (MSA) or the (qualified) secondary certificate I. But no matter what you call it: The fact is that for thousands Student is about to take an important exam. In our preparatory courses for the subjects of mathematics, German and English, we present the most important exam topics for the individual subjects. In addition, we are starting today with a promotion for the 10th grade final exams: This means that sofatutor's online tuition is available at half price until March 17th!

1. Preparation course for the 10th grade final exam in mathematics
The course offers numerous explanations and exercises for repeating and consolidating the examination material. The topics covered are: "Linear Algebra", "Functions", "Geometry" and "Probability". A detailed list of the topics of the course can also be found in the course description.

2. Preparation course for the 10th grade final exam in German
The course focuses on spelling and grammar. Regardless of whether parts of speech, upper and lower case or commas. With the help of the course, unnecessary errors during the exam can be avoided.

3. Preparation course for the 10th grade final exam in English
Proficiency in the English language is now explicitly required in many professions and everyday life can no longer be imagined without it. With the course, the most important subject areas can be repeated from home. The English tenses, the use of the passive voice or the relative clauses are just as much a part of it as the training of correct pronunciation.

For all interested parties who would like to prepare for the central exams of the 10th grade or for tests and the lessons with the courses and all other learning videos and tests from sofatutor, we offer a final exam with our campaign for the 10th grade the possibility to use sofatutor reduced by 50% until March 17th.

We wish all candidates the best of luck!

the sofatutor team