What are the best facial makeup bronzers

Bronzer: Golden Glow as if kissed by the sun!

Bronzer shade

In general, the following applies: The bronzer should be about two shades darker than your own skin color. Similar to fashion, cosmetics are also based on the four seasons when it comes to determining the right color type.

Warm tones, like gold or bronze, look best on spring and autumn types. Summer and winter types tend to use cooler colors, i.e. bronzers in nougat or olive tones.

Bronzer brush

Most often the product is applied with a brush. But which one is best for it? That again depends on the consistency (see above):

⦁ When using a powder, you use a very soft, fluffy bronzer brush. This makes it easy to work the make-up into the skin with circular movements.

⦁ With the creamy (or liquid) product, on the other hand, you use a flat, wide foundation brush. It distributes the bronzer on the skin more covering and more evenly.

This is how it works: Apply bronzer

First the question arises: What effect do you want to achieve with the product? There are three different types of application:

1. Bronzer for summer complexion

For a summery golden shimmer / shine, emphasize the areas that the sun would also tan the most: forehead, cheeks and chin. Before doing this, apply make-up as normal, as with day make-up, e.g. B. with concealer and / or foundation. You start on the sides of your forehead, leaving the middle free. Pull the bronzer in a C-shape with gentle movements on the cheeks, and further down to the chin. Then blend if necessary.