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10 things you should know about silicone implants

What shapes and sizes are there, are implants limited in their durability and when are implants dangerous? Dr. Daniel Thome from aesthetic and soul in Munich has collected the most common patient questions about silicone implants.

How long have silicone breast implants been around?

Surgeons have been building the female breast for around 100 years. In the past, experiments were carried out with a few materials: ivory, bovine cartilage, wool and glass balls made the start, later also paraffin, beeswax and polyethylene. None of the materials led to significant success and it often even resulted in complications and foreign body reactions. The first silicone implants were used in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Are there different sizes?

Nowadays silicone implants are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The shapes vary from drop-shaped to round. Whether you want a fuller cleavage or a shape that is as natural as possible - here we choose the ideal shape and size together. Because the shape of the chest, the position of the ribs and the shape, texture and symmetry of the breasts must also be taken into account when choosing and can only be assessed by experienced doctors.

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What about the shelf life?

As a rule, modern implants are hardly vulnerable. They have a very stable cover and are filled with silicone gel, which is gel-like and cannot leak. As long as capsular contracture does not develop, breast implants can remain in the body for life. Renowned manufacturers also offer a lifetime guarantee on their implants.

Which implant manufacturers are the best?

As with all products, there are also different quality and price classes for silicone implants. Responsible plastic surgeons will only use very high quality implants, because common sense already dictates that a product that stays in the body for a long time must meet the highest quality standards. We have been using Motiva, Polytech and Mentor implants for many years. We have always had very good experiences with these premium providers.

Which silicone breast implants are dangerous?

In Germany, silicone implants are subject to the Medical Devices Act, so a certain minimum standard is guaranteed. In the USA there are even stricter guidelines than in Germany. If implants have FDA approval, there is currently no higher standard available. The premium suppliers have FDA approval, but most low-cost suppliers do not.

When should you replace silicone implants?

“Implants have to be replaced after 10 years,” one often hears. This is no longer the case these days. As long as the implants are intact, capsular contracture does not occur and the patient is satisfied with the shape and size of the breast, they can remain in the body for life.

What do silicone implants cost?

The price of silicone implants depends on the quality of the products. The material costs do not make the product expensive, but the research and development behind it as well as the continuous quality control and the costs for approvals, e.g. at the FDA. The high-quality silicone implants from the market leaders cost over 1000 euros, while implants from manufacturers who do not meet international quality criteria are much cheaper.