How do I add a ticker to my Facebook

The Facebook channel supports Facebook pages that are different from personal chronicles. Companies, organizations and brands can use Facebook pages to share information and stay in touch with customers.

After you've added a Facebook account in Support, Support will monitor its messaging activities. Every new wall post (i.e. every public message) in the Facebook account becomes a ticket in Support. Zendesk Suite plans also convert private messages received to the Facebook account via Facebook Messenger into tickets.

Facebook limits how Pages can communicate with users publicly and privately. For example, if you receive and reply to a ticket from a wall post, your reply will be added to the wall post as a comment. If you receive and reply to a ticket from a private message, your reply will be treated as a private message. You cannot reply to a wall post with a private message or a wall post to a private message from a ticket.

When an end user posts a post on your wall, a ticket is created. The following applies here:
  • Standard wall posts will only add comments to the ticket that are received within the first week of posting the post. If you want comments to be added as new tickets, you can activate the corresponding setting. For more information, see Editing the Facebook Channel.
  • Comments received after the first week will not be added to the ticket and will not be recorded as new tickets.
  • When you add an advertisement to your wall, a ticket is created. Comments left within a year will be added to the ticket. However, if you close the ticket, no further comments will be recorded.

If the post's author doesn't already exist in your account, they will be added as a new user. If you have several Facebook pages and a new user leaves a post on more than one page, a separate user account will be created for each affected page.

An agent can respond to a wall post by adding a public comment on the ticket in Support. The agent's response is then added as a comment to the Facebook post. The following example shows a bulletin board post where an agent answered the user's question in the support agent interface.

The corresponding ticket looks like this in Support: