Why did Bon Jovi break up

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora in an interview with BILD

In April 2013 he quit his job at Bon Jovi after 30 (!) Years (150 million albums sold), now guitar god and hit writer Richie Sambora (54) celebrates his comeback - as a solo artist.

In June he comes to Germany for four concerts (June 19, Stuttgart; June 20, Munich; June 22, Berlin; June 24, Cologne).

He spoke to BILD about the reasons for his exit, his new life and aging fans

BILD: After 30 years you quit your job with one of the greatest rock bands of all time - why?
Richie Sambora: "I wanted to spend more time with my girl."

BILD: A new love?
Sambora: “An everlasting love - my daughter Ava! She is moving out of home soon. I want to enjoy the last few years with her before she fledged. "

BILD: Does it sound like you have a guilty conscience?
Sambora: "Yes! I regret never being home. The last tour lasted 18 months through 58 countries, then came the studio recordings, the promotion, then another tour. I have never been home in my entire life. I could never be there for my family. "

BILD: Was that why your wife, Heather Locklear, divorced in 2007?
Sambora: “2007 was not a good year for me! First my father died of cancer, then Heather filed for divorce, I was thrown out of my house. My only friend was the bourbon. "

BILD: You were arrested at the time for being drunk driving!
Sambora: “I thought I couldn't take everyday life without drinks. Then I had myself admitted to a clinic and detoxified. Too many rock stars have died. I survived."

BILD: Your last drink?
Sambora: "Oh god, I can't remember."

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BILD: What do you regret most in life?
Sambora: “Men learn through pain. My philosophy is: My mistakes are my greatest achievement. I know I'm not doing these things wrong a second time. "

Richie Sambora is in the middle of tour preparations

BILD: Has your daughter forgiven you for being away all the time?
Sambora: “A mediator helped me reunite the family. My ex-wife, Heather, and I get along better today than we did when we were married. My daughter is my best buddy. "

BILD: How does a rock star raise his child?
Sambora: “I'm not a star at home. I take the child to school, make sandwiches, take out the rubbish and scrape the dog shit off the street. "

BILD: Is your daughter going on tour with you?
Sambora: “No, but I can now jet home whenever I want. I can finally be a father. Now I'm the boss, no one around to tell me anything. "

BILD: Is there still a lot of air between you and Jon Bon Jovi?
Sambora: “We had a good marriage for 30 years. But he was the boss, the singer, the man with the microphone. There were always topics that bothered me that Jon didn't want to sing about. Now I can sing what I want to. "

BILD: For example?
Sambora: "Broken hearts, that's my topic."

Thick air between Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora

BILD: Is your heart broken?
Sambora: “I've been single for two years. I have to find myself first and then find someone else. I didn't have the time for 30 years. "

BILD: The female fans are queuing up ...
Sambora: “They have also gotten older. Today hardly anyone asks for my room number. "