What are different exams in electrical engineering

Industrial foreman electrical engineering - exam

What are the exam content?

The IHK asks for these contents in the first part of the examination "Basic qualifications":

  • Legal awareness
  • Business administration
  • Methodology of information, communication and planning
  • Operational cooperation
  • Science and Technology

In the second part of the examination, the IHK controls the "action-specific qualifications" with these examination contents:

  • "Technology" area of ​​activity
    • Infrastructure systems and industrial engineering
    • Automation and information technology
  • "Organization" area of ​​activity
    • Operational cost management
    • Planning, control and communication systems
    • Occupational, environmental and health protection

The committee asks for this content in the technical discussion:

  • "Leadership and Personnel" area of ​​activity
    • Human Resources Management
    • Personnel development
    • Quality management

Exam questions

With the help of exam questions you have the opportunity to check your level of knowledge particularly well. You can find exam questions in textbooks. There is also the option of requesting old IHK exams from Bertelsmann Verlag. Forums are another alternative.

How is the examination to become an industrial foreman in electrical engineering organized?

This is how the examination to become an industrial foreman in electrical engineering works:

  • Registration:
    You first register with the IHK for the first part of the exam. To do this, you submit documents that prove your professional training or professional experience. The registration deadline usually ends 3 months before the exam.
  • Before the exams:
    The IHK will inform you in writing where and when the industrial foreman electrical engineering examination will take place. This letter also states which documents and resources you can take with you to the exam. You will also receive an invoice for the exam fee.
  • First exam phase:
    The examination part of the "basic qualifications" consists of five written exams. These are spread over two days. If you have passed the exam, you can register for the second part of the exam for the foreman electrical engineering.
  • Second examination phase:
    Half a year after the first part of the exam, the "Action-Specific Qualifications" exam takes place over two days. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce examines the areas of technology and organization with the help of situation tasks that are taken from the everyday operational life of the electrical engineering foreman.
  • Technical discussion
    The appointment for the technical discussion will be arranged individually. Before the conversation, you will be given an assignment to act, which you will work on and present in a presentation. Then the examination board will ask you about 20 to 30 minutes of questions that correspond to the field of responsibility of the foreman electrical engineering. Each IHK regulates the course of the technical discussion differently. Some give the examinee two weeks to process the task, others only get the task on the day of the examination.
  • After the IHK exam
    After the technical discussion, it will take some time before you get your grades. You may have to repeat failed exams or take an oral re-examination. All your individual grades are then included in the certificate. Upon receipt of the certificate, you can call yourself a certified industrial foreman for electrical engineering (IHK).