I think the right thing

If you know what I mean, don't think, dutustes,IYKWIMAITYD: IfyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudoYou have the right revolver snout!Stop shooting off your bigmouth!You have the mouth on the right spot.You know all theanswers.andhave not done anythingandyetyouhavedonenothingSo I think I am.Cogito, ergosum.So I think I am.Ithink, thereforeIam.you haveyou haveYou're right!Youareright!Do you understand?Doyougetit?Do you sound!Didyouever!I think the same.Ithinkthesame (way).I guess so.Ithinkso.I think that...Ithinkthat ...There you go.Here you are.Good speeches.Youcan talk.Have you put water on?Haveyouputonsomewater?Do you have a clue!Alotyouknow (aboutit)!How did you cut off?Howdidyoumakeout?there you gohereyouareyou speak wellyoucantalkSod down over it.Thosearemysentinemnts.You have dirt on the sticks.Youhaveaskeletoninyourcloset.Washastdunemployed?Whathaveyoubeenupto?Washastdunemployed?Whathaveyoudone?You've got enough of that soonalittleofitgoesalongwayhave you have he has)haveWhat you had done yesterdaywhatdidyoudoyesterdayDuhastones ramshackle.Yousurepulledaboner.You have nothing to do with.Youhavenosayinthematter.[ ]tohastto have