What makes you grateful to be you

Gratitude adds immensely to your own happiness. I don't know what you are for to be thankful should you? Here are ten things in ours 10ThingsThursday for which you can be grateful! At the end of this post on the topic of being grateful, I have a really blatant video for you, which has already opened the eyes of many ...

If I could use one hack in life to get happier then it would be grateful. Being grateful is scientifically proven to be an extremely strong factor for your happiness. Are you grateful, are you happy. This is roughly the formula. So if you want to find an easy way to be happier, you should do it regularly gratitude care for. However, we humans are fear-driven beings. We focus on the negative aspects of certain things. So it is not always easy to be grateful for this ...

But before I go any further. If you have no idea how to be grateful, then check out this post about the gratitude diary beforehand. Here everything is explained to you step by step (click here!)

If you know how to be grateful, here are some ideas for your mind. That's why here ten thingsfor which you can be grateful:

What you can be thankful for # 1: A roof over your head

If you read this text, I assume that you have a roof over your head. You live in Germany and nobody has to live on the street here. It is not a matter of course that you have a roof over your head. Imagine what it would be like to have to look for shelter every day. A shelter that is warm and safe. Security is actually a luxury that we as industrialized nations take for granted. You can definitely be grateful for that.

What to be thankful for # 2: You have something to eat in your hands every day

That is also a matter of course for us. But is that it? Is food natural in the world? No! There are currently approx. 800 million (!) People in the worldwho do not have enough food (source). If you go to bed tonight with a full stomach, you can be grateful that you don't even have to worry about what's on your plate tomorrow. A life in abundance is not a matter of course for everyone.

What You Can Be Thankful for # 3: You have a limitless amount of water

Sure, the amount is not limitless and at some point the water will run out. At the moment, however, you are able to do this at every tap in Germany drink clear and clean tap wateras much as you can drink. That too cannot be taken for granted. In many developing countries, the nearest water well is hours' walk away. But even if we don't go that far away. At the moment I am in Turkey and here I cannot just drink from the tap, otherwise I would have to spend the next day on the toilet. Even when I have been to the USA and Canada several times, it has always become clear that I can be thankful for German tap water. There, all tap water is so diluted with chlorine that it is almost a deterrent. I can't explain how people willingly drink this. Water is so simple, but it quickly becomes the most important commodity when it becomes scarce.

What you can be thankful for # 4: You have free internet

Almost everyone in Germany has some kind of access to the Internet. This gives you access to huge amounts of free information. This information will allow you an incredible high level of education and opportunitiesthat many people in this world do not have. Our censorship is very low, almost non-existent. You are free to express yourself and for all of these things you should definitely be grateful.

What you can be thankful for # 5: The best infrastructure in the world

Your country is one of the countries with the best infrastructure in the world. The next airport is usually not far and in a few hours you can fly south if you feel like it. There is always a train, a bus or a taxi going somewhere. Luxury goods far and wide. Roads, highways, tracks, subways and much more allow you to travel almost without borders within Germany. Once again you only realize how cool it is when you no longer have it. Be grateful for the short journeys!

What You Can Be Thankful for # 6: Social Security

No country in the world protects its residents as much as Germany. So if you live here then you never need to be afraid of being on top of that in your life Land road. You are anytime secured, you have health insurance and tons of rights on your side. As an employee, you are really well protected in Germany. You automatically have health insurance, which is very rare in the world and some of the best medical care you can find. So socially and healthily, you don't need to worry. You can be grateful for that.

What You Can Be Thankful for # 7: Peace

Even if the media constantly spread the feeling of an impending world war: We live in absolute peace. Look back 80 years. What did the world look like there? Look back 200 years. What did the world look like there? Correct. Would you rather live this time than today? For my part, I don't. Even if the media make their money with “stirring up fear”, we live in a very peaceful time and you are allowed to do so to go out on the streets without fear. If that's not a reason to be grateful ...

What you can be thankful for # 8: Your body

Are you able to walk To write? To read? Getting up in the morning without pain? It cannot be taken for granted. You can be grateful for that. Imagine what it would be like to lose your hands in an accident? What if a deadly disease suddenly caught up with you? Not everyone has the happiness of living into old age. I've seen children die of cancer. This is no exception, it happens all the time. Be grateful for every day that is given to you. Even if it sounds simple. We humans usually only recognize the value of a thing when it is lost forever. Being grateful lets you see the value of things!

What You Can Be Thankful for # 9: Your Problems

Be grateful for your problems? YES! Be grateful for your problems, for the difficulties that are put in your way. You grow from them. Without the pain in your life, you would not feel joy. Without the losses in your life, you would not feel wealth. For everything bad, there is good. We live in a dualistic world. Therefore, be grateful for every experience that is given to you.

What To Be Thankful For # 10: Family, Friends, and Partners

Be grateful for every friend in your life. Be grateful for the family that has been given to you while it is still part of your life. At some point the day will come when parts of your family, friends or even your partner will no longer be there. That’s the way things are. Be all the more grateful for every day that you can hug your mother, do something with your father or fool around with your siblings. Call your grandparents every now and then. For you it may just be a phone call for them it could be the world.

I hope I could get you one awareness create for how rich you actually received a gift. Not all have happiness to live in that kind of wealth. If you get upset about the traffic jam again, think about how your problems are marginal. I'm almost embarrassed about my excitement about a train delay when I think about the fact that other people live in fear of being killed in a bombing every day.

In this sense: Being grateful makes you happy and helps you to lead a carefree life!

Your Deniz

P.S: If you have no idea how to be grateful, check out this post about the gratitude diary. Here everything is explained to you step by step (click here!)

P.P.S: Here the video in question is completely reversed. Learn what to do to be unhappy! Test yourself and see if you do these things. Just don't be grateful is one of them:

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