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Application according to EU regulations 1049/2001 and 1367/2006 Dear applicant, on the basis of regulations 1049/2001 and 1367/2006, I ask you to send documents containing the following information:

The following specific information regarding the general reimbursement of costs for MEPs to "cover the costs of the parliamentary activities of the members", in each case with reference to the previous cases in the current legislative period: How often were receipts or invoices requested from MEPs within this period because an authorized one Was there any suspicion that there was abuse of the General Allowance? In how many of these controls was the suspicion confirmed? How is such a suspicion generally based? How many and which MEPs had their payments halved during this period because they were present at less than half of the sessions during the parliamentary year? How many of the 86 Members who have already resigned in this legislative period have repaid unused General Allowance after resigning? Please break down the specific amount of money repaid by MP and also state the total amount repaid as a result.

I expressly point out that I would like an answer by e-mail to this address and not via a web portal. I would like to ask you for a confirmation of receipt and thank you for your effort! Sincerely, Applicant Applicant Inquiry no .: 195989 Reply to: <> Upload large files for this inquiry here: https://fragdenstaat.de/a/195989/ Postal address Applicant Applicant << address removed >> << address removed >>

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