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Cosmic home visit - chances of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction 2019/2020

From Martin Trosbach

If you are currently researching astrological blogs on the subject of the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (it will be exact on January 12, 2020, but will also work in 2019), the following impression emerges: under this constellation there were wars as well as always, bad epidemics anyway (Plague epidemic under the conjunction 1350) and difficulties of all kinds come up to us. Many authors are not afraid to claim that the conjunction in question always brings with it events of war and that we should be prepared for it this time as well. A glance at the last conjunction from 1982 shows that this is not generally true. Because in 1982 there was only one smaller, acute theater of war in addition to long-term trouble spots, and that was the Falklands War between Great Britain and Argentina, which affected the majority of humanity little. In contrast, the first major peace demonstrations against the escalation of the Cold War took place in Germany in 1982, which a few years later also led to success.

The meeting of Saturn and Pluto continues to be interpreted as a signal for economic catastrophes, for fear and horror up to genocide. Such effects can actually be found historically, but by no means always when Saturn and Pluto joined forces. If we look at the conjunction 1518, which also took place in Capricorn, we find the beginning of the Reformation here. Of course, this was followed by massive conflicts and disputes in Europe, but many of them much later than at the time of the conjunction. For example the Thirty Years War, in which the Reformed and Catholics warred, which not only began shortly after a Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Taurus), but also ended with it (1648, Gemini). So can't this constellation also initiate peace processes?

The following is about the chances of the powerful connection between Saturn and Pluto.

On the way to gold

Saturn conjunction Pluto, January 12, 2020, 5:58 pm, Zurich
Pluto destroys, dematerializes, Saturn forms something new, materializes. "Solve et coagula" is an important principle in alchemy. It means something like: Loosen, let go and tie again, form something new. The alchemical process does not proceed without difficult, crisis-like phases in which the adept has to face his dark energies and shadow sides. But then at the end the "gold" beckons him, which symbolically stands for highest knowledge and divine self-development. In this respect, it is important to understand the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as a crisis-ridden opportunity, in the spirit of Holderlin, who wrote in his poem Patmos: "Where there is danger, what can save also grows."

One thing is clear: Whoever does not want to know anything about the high justice, unambiguity and crystalline clarity of the Saturnian, who constantly tries to avoid the intensive cleansing of souls and fundamental upheavals of the Plutonic, will probably get into trouble. It is also clear that those who voluntarily face these challenges have a good chance of releasing forces that will make powerful energies available to them in the long term. It is not for nothing that we also know Pluto as the "rich", lord of the underworld treasures. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will form an essential seed of time to discover these treasures, bring them to light and make them grow.

Exercise: Journey inward

Why don't you take me on a little inner journey to imagine the arrival of these two archetypal powers.

Your doorbell rings, you are not expecting anyone. Who could it be? You open the door, two strangers are standing outside, looking at you in silence as if questioning. A serious-looking man, dressed in gray, very correct, type of auditor, a woman in black leather, pierced, you immediately notice her haunting eyes, her very bright, intense look, her distinctive facial features. You stand there confused, you want to reject them, but your curiosity wins, you let us explain to you what it is about.

They make you an offer: They would thoroughly review your living conditions, your finances, your relationships, your material resources, your professional circumstances and plans, even your life visions, sort out what no longer seems appropriate and, together with you, create a new one Develop a sustainable concept of life. It would take a few months, at first they would come once a week, later less often, it would cost you a lot of money and a lot of time, including any resistance if contaminated sites or other unpleasant things came on the table. But: Everything superfluous would be cleaned up at the end of the process, garbage disposed of, ballast thrown off, your view of the future sharpened, your strength increased, your visions grounded.

You feel the high demands of this proposal, you immediately notice that you are facing great challenges and enormous commitment. But at the same time there is also fascination in the air, a vibrating force seems within your grasp, which has not been so present in the rippling of your everyday life for a long time. And although you feel a little queasy about the extremely comprehensive dimensions of this proposal, you sense with astonishment great trust in these two who talk little but radiate a lot. You show them your interest, but also that you still need time to deal with their offer before you can make decisions. They don't rush you, just mention that their length of life is limited to the next year and give you their contact details before they leave. You stand there, looking after them and in that moment you feel that something big and drastic is going to happen, whether you will see them again or not.

Which house is being visited?

If we transfer this little story to our natal chart, then we can first see in which region of our natality this home visit falls. Which house is directly affected? Which planet do the two newcomers encounter? And which other houses are challenged by aspects (especially by oppositions or squares to the planets standing there)? Or if Saturn / Pluto lay siege to one of our axis points (AC, IC, DC or MC), then a particularly initiatic force field arises, which wants to initiate fundamental changes in our life that will be effective over a long time, perhaps even the rest of our lives. Wherever Saturn and Pluto appear, the central question remains whether we welcome them or try to reject them.

This is reminiscent of the biblical Christmas story: All the innkeepers turned away Joseph and the pregnant Mary. If one of these had given them shelter, he would have been assured of eternal fame. What would have been tedious at first: creating space in a house that may already be overcrowded, restructuring, procuring food, having to deal with resistance from others, etc. would have become incredibly powerful in the long term. The energy of this divine child would have shone through and fertilized the house, and in the end it would certainly have been transmitted to the house owner, the landlord and his family in an invigorating, enriching and blessing way.

Four steps to self-awareness

So what can we do to welcome visitors to Saturn and Pluto?

On the one hand: say yes, allow entry. Set in motion a process of self-awareness, reflect, exchange ideas with others, talk and read about what such energetic power flows could mean in my 6th house, for example. Understand this visit in such a way that my everyday life, my professional environment, my willingness (or even non-existent willingness to serve), my relationship to cleansing forces, my ecological awareness, etc. are put to the test. This first phase is a profound one Understanding the houses is a great advantage, because then it will be relatively clear to me in which environment and in which thematic references Saturn / Pluto will initiate intensive changes.

Second, understand that the Saturnian and Plutonic energies work together, occur synergistically and thus reinforce their effect, but can also hinder each other. For this phase of the process it is important to be as clear as possible: Where and how do Saturn and Pluto work in my natal chart? What relationship have I already developed to these forces? How far have I dealt with old feelings of guilt or the topic of demarcation (Saturn)? How familiar am I with my darker sides, do I know about my fears, do I know the danger of projecting hatred and envy onto other people or ethnic groups (Pluto)? This phase is an analytical one, corresponds to picking out the good peas and throwing away the bad ones, as in the fairy tale Cinderella. Astrologically, it is important to see whether I have a Saturn-Pluto aspect in the natal chart and whether I have already done some preliminary work here. Then the coming Saturn-Pluto transit will also be considerably more fruitful for me!

Thirdly: prepare, clean, open, and prepare the field. The house in which Saturn and Pluto appear together is actually an energy field. I can prepare, plow, sow, weed, and maybe even fertilize this field - as any responsible farmer would of course do. Take the example of the 7th house: there will be thorough reviews of my relationships. Sitting out, evading, shifting will hardly work anymore; Habits that have developed over decades will be questioned or become imbalanced. How could I prepare for it? As I begin to communicate much more with my partner, I begin to ask more questions myself than before. By maybe going to a couples seminar, even if I think everything is going “pretty well”. A good seminar for couples will show whether this is really the case and will nonetheless open up new dimensions, even if there were no fundamental differences before. The field can also be prepared ritually: e.g. B. organize a joint love festival, repeat the wedding or another type of partner vows after 10 or 20 or any number of years in your own way, etc. The planning of long-term projects or visions that you would like to tackle as a couple would also be Saturn -Open the Pluto process sensibly. If there have been differences that have been festering for a long time or old injuries that have never been thoroughly resolved, now is the time to B. to tackle and dissolve within the framework of couples therapy. Getting help and advice makes sense with these visitors. Because Saturn is the symbolic figure of the “Old Wise Men” and Pluto is in itself the archetypal figure of the therapist, the shaman, the ritual master.

Fourth: Observe the effects of the home visit on other areas of life and react accordingly. When Saturn and Pluto meet in our 10th house, we are first challenged to look at our public appearance, the coherence of our calling, our relationship to society and authorities, etc. and to courageously tackle the corresponding upheavals after thorough mucking out. But we can easily overlook the fact that z. B. a planet in the 4th house, which is also affected by the Saturn-Pluto appearance in opposition, also comes under pressure. This can relate to our place of residence, which demands profound changes, or family relationships that are no longer good for us and require new solutions. Or a square that concerns a planet in the 1st house: Between my ego demands (which may be too strong or too weak) and the professional sphere, bridges must then be built, which must by no means be constructed quickly and fleetingly, because long durability and an extremely solid approach (Saturn!) are required.

Social responsibility and strength

Finally, we should consider that Saturn brings with it social tasks and Pluto has cosmic assignments in its luggage, so it will test my basic trust in the cosmos. At its core, this is a process that aims to link my role in society with my spiritual tasks. In the house of my horoscope, where the two appear, this is exactly what will be required: to bring my own strength into society where I am unique and unmistakable (“individual”). Saturn and Pluto in cooperation with Neptune in Pisces want to teach us that we are one despite this indivisible individuality, that earth and cosmos form a whole and that Gaia can survive in all its threats, from all its destructions and many deaths that we have expected of her , can be resurrected. Saturn / Pluto can also be read as a religious, spiritual metaphor; we know this z. B. from a Christian perspective as crucifixion and resurrection.

So, with all due caution, let us let go of the fear of this great and powerful encounter between Saturn and Pluto (in January 2020 reinforced by Jupiter in Capricorn). If the landscape becomes barren, the path difficult, the climate harsh and survival exhausting, then the ibex will come to full strength. And we can all rely on it without lulling ourselves into false illusions, however difficult the situation on spaceship earth may have become.

Topics of the 12 home visits

To conclude, I would like to give a brief overview of possible processes in the context of home visits from Saturn / Pluto. Of course, other topics are also conceivable that cannot be mentioned here in the necessary brevity:

1The finger becomes in the 1st house z. B.for the following vulnerabilities placed: Where is your ego too bloated or too underdeveloped? How do others react to your self-portrayal (aggressive or constructive)? How far do you stand to yourself in your very special being and can you assert yourself in it?

You can discover the following great treasures, the following long-lasting ones Transformations can take place in the 1st house: You could embark on a whole new path, finally make yourself independent from others, end sterile relationships, learn to say no. You open yourself full of the joy of discovery to the adventure of life!

2Weak pointsof the 2nd house: Where can you not keep your own space, where is your self-worth unstable? Where are you stuck in excess of matter?

Transformation potential of the 2nd house: You let go of inanimate matter and find something valuable, which at the same time strengthens your self-worth in depth. Connections to nature, to everything beautiful, lively and pleasurable fill you more and more.

3Weak pointsof the 3rd house: Where do you drown in floods of information that make little sense? Where do you think or teach without involvement of gut feeling and warmth? Why do you have little confidence in your speaking or writing potential?

Transformation potential of the 3rd house: You dare to share the knowledge you have gathered about yourself and share important things that the world urgently needs. Communication with the world becomes your holy communion!

4Weak pointsof the 4th house: Where did you stay at home? To what extent do you always feel indispensable as a helper or comforter? Why are you neglecting your home or your family?

Transformation potential of the 4th house: You come home, ground yourself deeply and let others share in this great basic trust in life.

5Weak pointsof the 5th house: Where are you still childish or adolescent behind an adult facade? Why do you tend to keep playful, pleasurable and creative things small?

Transformation potential of the 5th house: Creative potentials are released, which make great art possible. Your inner child frees itself, dances, sings and increasingly begins to celebrate life!

And maybe you will get pregnant too ...

6Weak pointsof the 6th house: Why do you get annoyed too often about the imperfect crap that mankind produces? Why are you often not good enough for yourself in everyday life? Why do you avoid cleaning yourself and Mother Earth thoroughly? What makes you chronically ill?

Transformation potential of the 6th house: You will find a service for yourself, for others or for the general public that will make you deeply happy and teach you true humility! You see what recovery really means and you may begin to heal.

7Weak pointsof the 7th house: Why do you use your partner to shift what is inanimate or shadowy to the outside world? What use are new relationships to you if you stay the same? Why do you avoid intimacy and depth in your close relationships?

Transformation potential of the 7th house: You recognize yourself in the other, start a lustful dance of change towards a mature and conflict-prone partnership. You might even get to know your dream partner, your real "sweetheart"!

8Weak pointsof the 8th house: Why do you become dependent on foreign property, inheritance or opinions of your clan? Why do you avoid solving your crises? Why are you so afraid of letting go and death?

Transformation potential of the 8th house: Death and life will be two sides of the same coin for you, you will be a courageous companion in a crisis who is allowed to give others decisive impulses to break away. You venture into shadowy areas that others like to avoid.

9Weak pointsof the 9th house: Why do you always have to be on the move and travel to all the countries on earth without really understanding the people there and their cultures? Why is a general, but not individually developed worldview enough for you? In what ways do you avoid a mental or spiritual path of development?

Transformation potential of the 9th house: You immerse yourself full of enthusiasm in a previously unfamiliar worldview or teaching. You learn true tolerance and begin to teach your diverse experiences. Your insights, ideas and your open mind increasingly inspire others!

10Weak pointsof the 10th house: Why are you so keen on public recognition and paying too much homage to public opinion? Why are you shirking social responsibility or, on the other hand, are you addicted to it? What is preventing you from finding and living your calling?

Transformation potential of the 10th house: You will find a public position and a meaningful work for society that deeply fulfills you. You begin to trust yourself in leadership positions without being overly dependent on power and prestige.

11Weak pointsof the 11th house: Why are you stuck in cliques, associations, clubs or groups of friends whose form all too often changes little? Do you avoid participating in seminal experiments while you are quite comfortable in your social niche?

Transformation potential of the 11th house: You gain joy in initiating new social developments, developing your innovative spirit together with others and getting networks going. Your friends are increasingly feeling inspired by you!

12Weak pointsof the 12th house: Why do you avoid real life and glorify your hermitism? Why do you let your past failures, mistakes or feelings of guilt dominate you too much? What is the point of stylizing yourself as a magician or a mystic?

Transformation potential of the 12th house: You learn to devote yourself to the cosmos, let yourself be guided by clear inspirations from higher spheres and have the courage to stand by your dreams, visions or media talents. You develop deep compassion without getting lost.

Author: Martin Trosbach - Checked Astrologer DAV, alternative practitioner, music teacher and initiatic therapist He runs the astrological / therapeutic institute "AD ASTRA" in the "Center for Creative Soul Work Zell", near Regensburg.
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