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At the apex

Do you always wear the parting exactly the same? Then maybe you should try something new, because not every parting fits every face shape. Stilpalast shows what you should pay attention to when pulling your parting and which position suits you perfectly.

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Parting tricks

To the side, in the middle or just the way the hair falls naturally? In fact, the way you part can change your look, make you look older, stricter, but also younger and fresher. With the following tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to find the perfect parting for you.

  • The two halves of the face are usually not identical. For this reason, one often speaks of the chocolate side that needs to be emphasized. So if, for example, one eyebrow is curved nicer than the other, you should part on this side of the face that is more attractive to you. Are you unsure which half of your face is more distinctive than the other? Then stand in front of the mirror, hold a white sheet of paper, once from the left and once from the right, exactly to the center of the face and take a photo.
  • The more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive it seems. If the nose, the central point on your face, points slightly in a certain direction, for example, then you place the parting on the opposite side. This will visually compensate for a slight asymmetry.
  • Even if a natural vortex seems to automatically determine your parting: You can also achieve a small type change without a new haircut by pulling the parting differently immediately after washing your hair, blow-drying the hair into the new shape and then fixing the parting with plenty of hairspray .
  • Are you unsure of the height at which you should part your side? As a small guide, the following applies: run a stick comb from the highest point of your eyebrow vertically upwards towards the hairline and part at that point. For a slightly offset side parting, draw an invisible line from the inner corner of the eye vertically upwards and there, just a little bit away from the middle parting, draw the parting.


Round face

The classic middle parting goes perfectly with a round face. It makes your face look elongated, a little narrower and also a little bit stricter. If your hair is also slightly layered, it plays around your face perfectly and brings out your cheekbones so perfectly.


Oval face

If your face is oval or oblong or maybe even a bit angular, a side parting is the right choice. It not only makes your face a bit fuller and therefore softer, but is also well suited to visually conjure up more volume in fine hair. A pretty side parting also hides a high forehead and is just the thing if you have a pointed hairline.


Heart-shaped face

A slightly offset middle parting goes well with a heart-shaped face, which provides the necessary balance. This parting is not drawn as deep as a conventional side parting, but just a little bit away from the center of your face.


Make-up according to the shape of the face

Whether long, round, angular or heart-shaped: you can optimize your face with the right shades. Here are the tips.

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