When do we get a Flash film

Ben Affleck returns as Batman in the "Flash" movie - alongside Michael Keaton!

After “Batman V Superman”, “Justice League” and “Suicide Squad”, Ben Affleck should actually wear a bat costume at least once and also stand behind the camera of “The Batman”. But he decided against it. The reason: Too much alcohol in his life back then and too little passion for blockbuster films (his own words!). Now he has obviously changed his mind.

How Vanity Fair reports, Affleck will play Bruce Wayne, or Batman, in the DC film "The Flash". At the side of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, he becomes the Dark Knight again. But he won't be the only Batman in "The Flash" ...

Ben Affleck's Batman meets Michael Keaton's Batman in "The Flash"

As already reported, Michael Keaton will slip into his batsuit again - now officially. Keaton played Wayne back in 1989 in Tim Burton's "Batman" and the sequel "Batman's Return". So we will see more than one Batman in “The Flash”.

What has already emerged will now be official: The DCEU becomes a multiverse. In the TV series of the Arrowverse (and of course the comics) it has already been shown that the different DC series are set in different versions of the universe. With the “The Flash” movie, this idea is now being transferred to the big screen.

"Flashpoint" serves as a template for "The Flash"

Incidentally, the idea for the Multiverse did not come from “The Flash” director Andy Muschietti (“Es”), nor did it be a scriptwriter or producer. The DC comic series "Flashpoint" from 2011 serves as the basis for the new universe full of time travel and various incarnations of superheroes.

If you want to watch the comics, you will find it on Amazon *, among other places. You can see “The Flash” in the cinema on June 30, 2022.

You can see here how film start colleague Björn Becher feels about the Keaton Batman comeback and the multiverse:

DCEU casting hammer: Michael Keaton should play Batman again!

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