Hard work is fun

About hard work and passion alongside your job

Hobbies are good because they allow you to pursue a passion without looking at money

And that's exactly what I find so fascinating about it. You develop an interest in something for which you would put a lot of work and effort yourself without getting anything in return. You get paid by looking at the result and enjoying it.

If you work hard on your goals every day, you MUST take time out and find tools that counteract stress and everyday life. This can be a break in the form of a vacation, but also a hobby that you just practice for a day or two.

A hobby only gives you good things, but doesn't demand anything in return.

A hobby is something that exists only for you. You can design it however you want. It doesn't have to have anything to do with your job. In fact, it's good when things go in different directions. This will give you other ideas and create new "working material" that you can use again later.

Designers are creative. But where does creativity come from? From inspiration from precisely these breaks and hobbies that have nothing to do with work. Many may disagree, but it has often been the case with me.

My passion besides my job

Anyone who, like me, is tied to a desk by their job knows how important it is to find a balance. And for me, cooking is the time out I need.

It is not difficult to learn to cook. Even the simplest things taste great.

In the past, I rarely took the time to do it, but since I've been eating a vegetarian diet, I've also looked at it more intensively. At first I often had to try out new recipe ideas. That showed me how diverse nature is. There were so many fascinating combinations and tastes that I hadn't known before. Cooking recipes and recording my variant of them became my passion alongside my job.

I started recording the result with my iPhone camera. This in turn gave rise to another hobby that sparked my interest in photography. I started an Instagram account and shared my preferences with others. That brought me to even more ideas and new, inspiring people that I didn't know before.

All of this was time-consuming now and then, but it still made me happy inside. I never had the feeling that I was missing out on anything or that I should invest the time in my work as a web designer.