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Germany's top 10 summer travel destinations in the countdown

During our summer travel study 2017 we found out the most popular summer travel destinations for Germans. We compared the search queries for the main season in August / September with the previous year's figures and thus found the top destinations for you. The results were sometimes very surprising. Here is the top 10 in the countdown:

10. Olbia, Italy

Olbia on the wonderful Italian island of Sardinia is ranked 10th among the most popular holiday destinations for Germans this year and thus heralds our list. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful beach, but also enjoy the medieval sights in the city center. Incidentally, not only Sardinia is very popular with the Germans, the nearby Sicily is also extremely popular this summer!

Olbia had an increase of 23% in search queries and is number 9 of the travel trends for 2017. You can find out which other places had a particularly high number of search queries here: Travel trends 2017 - this is where the Germans want to go.

9. Faro, Portugal

Faro in the Algarve is number nine on our list - and rightly so: In this fascinating city you can marvel at impressive sights such as the baroque Carmelite church Nossa Senhora do Carmo or the monastery Nossa Senhora da Assunção, while you go on excursions to the idyllic surroundings and the coastal region.

8. Athens, Greece

It continues with the Greek capital Athens, in which especially those interested in culture get their money's worth. From the Acropolis and the Parthenon to the city's temples of the gods to numerous more modern, but at least as interesting, museums, there is more to see here than can be seen in a single vacation. Not to forget, Athens is the hotspot from which you can get to the surrounding Greek islands by ferry.

7. Thessaloniki, Greece

The party city of Greece ranks seventh among the most popular summer destinations for German holidaymakers. The second largest city in Greece is the ideal mix of exciting nightlife, beautiful beaches and many historical sites. From Thessaloniki you can also travel quickly and easily to the dream beaches of the Chalkidiki peninsula by bus or rental car.

Do you fancy a party vacation? Thessaloniki is not the only city with a sparkling nightlife: Here night becomes day: 7 party cities.

6. Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles in California is considered the city of the rich and beautiful - from the Hollywood Hills to the unique Long Beach to pure entertainment on the Santa Monica Pier, everything that has a name and reputation romps here and enjoys the eternal sun and that never ending summer feeling of the city. Aside from Las Vegas, which by the way made it to number 13 on our list, there is probably no other place in the USA that is as perfect for a holiday full of party and good vibes as Los Angeles.

5. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain is not a big surprise as THE travel destination for German holidaymakers, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful! The Catalonian capital Barcelona made it to fifth place. Will this remain the only Spanish destination in our countdown? Figure it out…

These are the top 10 things to do from a Barcelona insider: Top 10 things to do in Barcelona.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese city of Lisbon also made it into our ranking and is in fourth place. The sunny capital of Portugal impresses above all with its mild climate (all year round) and is considered to be an inexpensive capital of Europe.

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3. Crete, Greece

Crete is the first place in the top 3 of our list and it really deserves this place. The paradisiacal island in Greece offers azure blue water, dreamlike beaches and idyllic views, also of the typical Greek-white buildings. Here you can not only relax, but also indulge your culinary delights, with the best Greek food and uniquely good wines.

2. New York City, New York, USA

In second place in our ranking we find a real classic: Whether it is snowing or the sun is shining, the Big Apple is always worth a trip, which has probably put the city in second place. The best thing to do is fly there this summer and find out for yourself!

For New York professionals and those who want to become one: Five insider tips for New York City.

1. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

And the undisputed number 1: Mallorca! Now that word has got around that the beautiful island has a lot more to offer than just an exciting party mile, many will probably just want to enjoy their recreational or cultural vacation there - and we can only enthusiastically agree with the idea!

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