How can I get better ping

Improve ping: reduce delays in online games

Online games are often challenging. Every millisecond counts, especially with shooters and sports games. Whether you are faster than your opponent does not only depend on your reactions - the speed of data transmission also plays a role. Therefore, if possible, you should improve your ping.

But what does ping actually mean? In the gaming sector, this term stands for the time that data needs to travel between the server and PC or console. A ping of 100 means, for example, that you will see your opponent's action on your screen after a tenth of a second at the earliest. At the earliest, because televisions and monitors themselves cause an additional delay. This varies depending on the model.

How high should the ping be?

The short answer: as low as possible. You are in the green area from a ping of 50. A value between 10 and 30 is ideal. But even if you manage to improve the ping, that is no guarantee for a smooth gaming experience. However, there can be a higher latency if you play against someone with a significantly higher ping - who is also the host of the match. At least you have no disadvantage compared to your opponent.

Improve ping: Which internet connection is recommended?

The higher the bandwidth, the better the ping? That is only partly true. Because the amount of data transferred in online games is actually not very large. The decisive factor for a good ping is much more that the data transfer begins as quickly as possible. Therefore you also have to pay attention to the type of your internet access. Cable or fiber optic Internet, VDSL, DSL2 + or DSL with Fastpath are recommended for the lowest possible ping. In combination with a high bandwidth, ping values ​​below 20 are possible.

How you can improve the ping

Aside from choosing your internet connection, there are other methods you can use to improve ping. For the lowest possible delay, you should say goodbye to your WLAN and instead play via a LAN cable. In some cases, this measure alone can cut the ping in half.

You should also refrain from downloads and video streams while you are gaming. Because data traffic of this kind competes with your online connection. It is also advisable to close all programs that you do not need. Some of them connect to the internet at regular intervals and can affect your ping.

You should also check your NAT type and optimize it if necessary. The PlayStation 4 distinguishes between NAT types 1, 2 and 3 - the Xbox One similarly between "open", "moderate" and "strict". The goal should be NAT type 1 or “open”. This is the only way to avoid any restrictions. You can achieve this by releasing certain ports via your router. You can usually find out which these are from the provider of the respective game.

Improve ping: the most important things at a glance

  • From a ping of 50 you can play properly online.
  • A ping between 10 and 30 is ideal.
  • For a ping below 20 you need the right internet access.
  • Regardless of your bandwidth, there are a number of things you can do to improve ping.

What is your ping and what are you doing to reduce latency? Write us in the comments.