Finance companies use MATLAB

Risk & Regulation

Do you want to get to know the "rules of the game" in the banking world and how they are implemented in the company? With us you can even help shape these rules for risk management, credit business and treasury / investment banking, assess compliance with them and help with their implementation.

In Risk Management Banking we always have our finger on the pulse - thanks to our broad network on the banking market as well as our active participation in national and international projects. We use our growing know-how in the team, among other things, to support banks, financial service companies, investment companies, etc. We focus on z. B. on the following topics:

  • Implementation of new regulatory requirements
    Projects for the introduction and implementation of complex frameworks such as the guidelines for risk-bearing capacity (ICAAP) from the ECB and BaFin
  • Modeling in risk management
    Evaluation, control and monitoring of the most diverse risks using financial mathematical models
  • Examination and examination-related advice
    Checking and validation of processes in risk management, in the lending business and for financial instruments in treasury / investment banking
  • Development of tool-based services
    Programming of modern tools (e.g. for the validation of credit rating procedures) and implementation of new concepts using technical solutions such as Python, R and Tableau.