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Time for stories, issue 1: Frosty the snowman (5 pcs.)

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by Bettina Erdmann
Order no. 5100-11
Grade level3rd school year to 6th school year
type of schoolElementary school, orientation level, high school
Different types of school / lower secondary level
Hauptschule, Realschule, Realschule plus, Werkrealschule, Secondary School, Middle School, Middle School, Regional School, Oberschule, Integrated Comprehensive School, Cooperative Comprehensive School, Community School, District School, Elementary School 5/6 Berlin / Brandenburg
Area of ​​ExpertiseEnglish
federal stateAll federal states
scopePU 5 pieces, each 24 pages, fourf., Gh
Information materialBrochure (2 MB)

Two courageous children save a snowman from melting: “Frosty the snowman” from the “Time for stories” series is appealing and age-appropriate reading material. Language level and vocabulary are tailored to language beginners. It is therefore particularly suitable as an introduction to English reading.

“Frosty the snowman” is one of ten small-format picture-text stories from the “Time for stories” series. The stories promote the motivation to read necessary for the development of reading skills.

They are ideal as class reading and are illustrated in such a way that the pictures support the understanding of the text and offer numerous opportunities to speak. However, in order to maintain the character of reading, every child should have their own booklet in their hands.

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Time for stories, issue 1 - 10, complete cover (5 copies per issue)

5 times each: Frosty the snowman, Simon the sheep, At the fair, Happy Easter, A really big fish, Come on Arnie, Sea life, Colorful world, The little dragon, What a night
Order no. 4901-58 ISBN 978-3-619-49158-2
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