What basic values ​​should every seller have?

7 characteristics of top salespeople - tips for your internship in sales

  1. 7 characteristics of successful sellers
  2. 1. Extensive know-how
  3. 2. Motivation and ambition
  4. 3. Honesty
  5. 4. Listen
  6. 5. Willingness to help
  7. 6. Persistence
  8. 7. After the sale is before the sale
  9. Conclusion
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A successful salesperson manages to wrap his customers around his finger in no time at all and cleverly “sell” you a product or service. This requires years of professional experience and excellent soft skills. But this is exactly what a new university graduate or business administration student is missing. Before you can start a career in sales, you should get a little practical experience beforehand. We'll show you the characteristics of a top seller so that you can prepare yourself as best as possible for an internship in sales!

A current study has now provided new insights into sales success: there are very specific personal characteristics that make a good salesperson. So forget about expensive training and find out if you have what it takes to be a really good sales rep. In addition to the list below, your internship in the sales department of a company will of course give you insights.

7 characteristics of successful sellers

Personal traits are not what determine whether or not someone can become a good salesperson. So don't despair if you can't find yourself in the following overview. Many of these properties can be learned and trained. As a student in an economics subject, you have at least the technical requirements for a career in sales.

1. Extensive know-how

As a sales representative, you know your goods like no other. You know exactly what to look for, how to deal with it, for whom your product is suitable and for whom not. Your knowledge covers the entire product range of your company and you can give your counterpart tailor-made recommendations about his or her wishes during the sales pitch. With your competence, you ultimately convince the customer that you have exactly the right product for them.

2. Motivation and ambition

Without the strong will to close successful deals, you will not get that wish fulfilled either. Good salespeople set clear goals that they pursue in a disciplined and motivated manner. Without a lot of ambition, establishing yourself as a good salesperson will be difficult.

3. Honesty

Lying is of no use in sales. Because once the customer “fell for it”, the trust is irrevocably destroyed. You lose the customer forever, and worse, they will definitely not keep their unpleasant experience to themselves. Your reputation as a seller is going down the drain and you are losing a lot of potential customers and possibly regular customers as well. If you are not convinced of a product, then do not sell it. Do you have any doubts as to whether your product or service suits the customer? Then share this! The same applies in sales business: Honesty lasts the longest!

4. Listen

A salesperson needs to be attentive. Anyone who does not really listen to their customers and, regardless of the customer's wishes, only tries to sell a very specific thing will fail. Statistically speaking, people who are good listeners are also much better salespeople. Ask the right questions! Don't give a lecture about the product, just let your customer talk. This is the best way to find out what you can offer him and also how. Because by asking clever questions, you will find out which arguments you can use to convince your negotiating partner and what they value most. Only those who can individually cater to the needs of their customers will be able to conclude a successful deal.

5. Willingness to help

Helpful people can respond much better to their counterparts. Helpfulness has something to do with empathy and first-class service. This is essential for customer satisfaction! If your counterpart in the sales talk has the feeling that you really have the need to support them with a service or a product, this increases your sales success. But willingness to help has to be really authentic, otherwise trying to close a deal for the devil can backfire.

6. Persistence

If things don't really work out for a while with the successful deals, then good salespeople don't let that discourage them. Anyone who reacts sensitively to such supposed motivation killers has already lost. A fundamental quality of a good salesperson is that they do not allow themselves to be discouraged and such setbacks only drive their ambition further. With their tenacity, good salespeople fight their way back to closing deals. Someone with a surrender mentality is not made for this job.

7. After the sale is before the sale

You managed? Anyone who has closed a successful business shouldn't rest on their laurels for too long. Because after the sale is before the sale. Good salespeople are now proving that the customer did everything right with the conclusion of the contract! How? By proving to be a good carer. After a while, ask if the customer is satisfied with the product or service. Offer your help and tell the customer that you will continue to be available as a contact person at any time for questions or concerns of any kind. With it you are not only selling goods, but also first-class service. Word of this gets around and can bring you new customers.


Did you know that purchasing decisions are usually made “on the gut” and not rationally? So if you want to learn how to become a good salesperson in your new internship, you should always keep this in mind. It doesn't matter whether you can tell your customer 37 advantages of a product. If they feel they are in good hands with you, have the feeling that you are advising them to the best of your knowledge, then one advantage is enough. Salespeople are good when they can build a good connection with their counterpart and take care of their wishes competently. Follow our tips and nothing stands in the way of a successful career in sales!

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