What percentage of tips makes a server happy

Everyday pitfalls : Should you tip the pizza delivery boy?

The reader's question: Since our child was born, we have stayed at home more often. Instead of going to the restaurant, we order from the delivery service. Now we asked ourselves whether the messenger who brings the food into the house should also be tipped. That's what you do in a restaurant.


Elisabeth Binder's answer: The topic of "tips" is one of the long-running hits, and the answers keep raising new questions. Just recently it was about the fact that in a restaurant, if you are satisfied and the bill is still in the double-digit range, ten percent should be used as a rule of thumb. Some readers found that too much. Of course, this is always a matter of discretion. You don't have to stick to unwritten rules. But if you are happy and want to stay in the restaurant you trust, you will probably behave accordingly. In the case of three-digit sums, you can then also reduce the percentage.

From the community

You should always deal with the working conditions of the people you come into contact with in everyday life and adapt your demeanor to these people accordingly.

... writes user prokrastes

In the US there is sometimes even 20 percent!

In the United States, some restaurants have tip calculators that charge 20 percent. However, unlike here, the waiters' main wage is tips.

Whether you tip the messenger is also a question of personal satisfaction. Was he quick? Is he friendly? If it's your impulse to tip, do it. As a request from the delivery service showed, everyone really does it differently. In any case, it is not compulsory. It is difficult to compare the messenger with a waiter. After all, the service in the restaurant is much more extensive. The appearance of the waiters, the type of reception, the whole ambience and the creative forces behind it all contribute significantly to the success of an evening.

Thrift yes, stinginess no

At home, you do this yourself, so strictly speaking, you can keep most of the tip to yourself. To please the messenger with a small gift of one or two euros, precisely because it is not mandatory, can nevertheless contribute to your own well-being. That would be an argument for it. There are always good reasons in favor of thrift. Wherever this just bypasses avarice, an inner voice occasionally announces a warning. You should listen to them. That will also have given you the question.

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