What is meant by a pH scale

pH neutral vs. pH skin neutral - what is it?

In cosmetics, the pH value is always and everywhere spoken of. But what is pH anyway? And how can he help you choose your cosmetics?

The skin is our largest organ and is exposed to all kinds of environmental pollution. It has the extremely important task of protecting us from external influences. A healthy protective acid mantle on the skin is particularly important for this. It fends off harmful pollutants and microorganisms and thus protects us from infections.

The importance of pH

"PH" stands for "potentia hydrogenii" and is used to differentiate chemically between acids and bases and to identify their strength. Then there is the term “pH neutral”. Seems like something great when products are specially praised. But what does that mean exactly? For example, water is a pH-neutral liquid. It is neither acidic nor basic and has a pH value of 7. The pH value of acids is lower and that of bases higher - the more the pH value deviates from 7, the stronger the reaction of the liquid. The entire pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being acidic and 14 being basic. As soon as the pH value moves at the edges of this scale (i.e. at 0-2 or 12-14), it means that this liquid is corrosive and therefore super harmful to our skin.

pH neutral vs. pH skin neutral

Well, how do I know what pH a product can have in order to be suitable for my skin? This is relatively simple: a pH value can also be assigned to our skin. It can vary depending on the person, age, gender and body part, but is usually between 4.1 and 5.7. This is how we can tell that our skin is slightly acidic. This in turn is due to the body's own substances such as sweat and sebum, which are constantly produced and have a slightly acidic pH value. Products that are labeled as pH-skin-neutral are therefore not pH-neutral, but adapted to the natural pH value of the skin. Sounds complicated, but it's actually quite logical.

Why pH skin-neutral is important

As already mentioned, our skin has a protective acid mantle that protects us from diseases. However, when we wash with cosmetic products, it is stressed. Normally, healthy skin can cope with this easily peasy and regenerates its natural protection by itself within about an hour. But if you already have irritated, irritated or sensitive skin, this process can sometimes take a little longer. Great, but you have to wash yourself. And water alone is not enough to remove all the germs, dirt particles and dead skin cells that have accumulated during the day. In order to keep the acid-base balance of the skin in balance, it is important to choose cleaning and care products that are tailored to our skin type. Mild products with pH skin-neutral care formulas are particularly important for sensitive skin, for example. This means that the pH value should be adapted to the skin and be somewhere between 41.1 and 5.8.

Wash your hair with your head

Yes, it is also important to observe the pH value for our scalp. If the scalp loses its natural protection, dandruff and itching are not far away. Therefore, it is also important to use a low pH value for shampoos - then the shampoo can balance the difference to the pH value of the water and thus secure the protective acid layer on the scalp.