Which WiFi analyzer is the best

Measure WiFi signal strength: The 3 best free apps for Android and iOS

Does your video conference keep breaking off or are you only being ticked off when you call WhatsApp at home? Then it could be a dead spot in your own four walls. The WiFi signal strength can be measured with a corresponding app.

This is how you can find the best place for your laptop with your mobile phone or check whether the WiFi router should be better positioned. There are numerous apps in the app stores that display the WiFi signal. We introduce you to the three best and free representatives for Android and iOS. The signal strength is given in dBm. The further the value is from 0, the worse the signal. Values ​​between -45 and -60 indicate good reception.

Fritz! App WLAN: The solid one

Contrary to what the name suggests, it is Fritz! App WLAN not only designed for Fritz boxes, but also shows the signal strength of wireless routers from all manufacturers. In the Android version, the transmission power is displayed in dBm (decibel milliwatt) per second directly on the start screen. iOS users, on the other hand, only see the throughput in Mbit / s.

In addition, the app shows further information about the connected WLAN. This includes the details of the channel, the security method and the MAC address. In order to identify conflicts with other networks, all WLAN networks in the immediate vicinity can be displayed.

  • Easy to handle
  • Shows all networks in the area
  • With iOS only speed information

Now start measuring with your mobile phone:

Wifi Analyzer: The compact one

The Wifi analyzer is only available for Android. Here, too, you can see the signal strength of your WLAN and the networks in your area at a glance. The different WiFi accesses are color-coded to keep an overview on the dBm display.

The timing diagram shows changes in signal strength. For example, if you move around the room, you can immediately see where there are changes in reception. In the event of faults, you can also use the Wifi analyzer Channel conflicts to log into a less frequented WiFi channel. You can access the various information by swiping on the screen. In addition, a router can be specifically selected for which the signal strength is to be displayed separately.

  • Clearly
  • Displays all necessary WiFi information

The app knows how strong your WiFi is:

AirPort Utility: The Plain

In the absence of an interface, it is hardly possible with iOS to display the signal strength in dBm. Apple's own tool can help here AirPort Utility. Once installed, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down to the entry for AirPort and activate the WLAN search. Then go to the app and tap in the top right corner WLAN search. Do you have it once to scan selected, all WiFi networks in your area are displayed.

In the overview, look for the entry for your router and the signal strength in the line RSSI (“Received Signal Strength Indication”). You will also find the channel and the associated MAC address here. The value is updated regularly. In order to save the battery life of your iPhone, you should switch off the WLAN detection after the measurement.

  • Displays dBm value on iPhone
  • Direct from Apple
  • Cumbersome facility
  • Little information

How to measure the signal strength with the iPhone:

Conclusion - our test result

If you are difficult to understand at the next home office meeting or your connection breaks, the problem does not have to be directly with your Internet provider. It is possible that the router and WLAN receiver are simply too far apart or the repeater is incorrectly positioned.

The apps help you to determine the exact position of the signal strength of the radio connection in your own four walls. Android users have easier access to the information they want. The WiFi analyzer provides all the information you need and is easy to use. With an iPhone, the detour via the will help you AirPort Utilty App.

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