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Step by step to become a trainee

So I applied not only to one entertainment group, but to a total of 6 of them. As expected, after more or less a week I received an answer, a confirmation email that they had received, etc. from everyone. I also recommend that you look for several entertainments that you like and just be patient with the answer, as it really varies. ☺️

Step 1:

If you apply for one or more entertainments, of course, you have to search out the forms, as well as to think about how to organize everything, when to send what and how, that all the data is really correct, etc.

Step 2:

Fill out the questionnaire with a lot of questions and data that the entertainment wants (e.g. (JYP) nationality, audition category, gender, birthday, height, weight, mobile phone number, e-mail, address, then attachments with pictures and videos, languages ​​that do mastered, level, hobbies, specialty, experience, introduction in a few lines) and submit as soon as possible. You can do this more often, by the way, but I would put some time in between otherwise you might feel pressured and not take him at all.

Step 3:

I have now picked out two songs: Singing in English and / or Korean which best shows the strengths and of course another one with dance which has a good rhythm. I'm not really good at rap that's why I leave it out, of course you can do that too, or model, actor, etc.

I am applying for a dance position, which is why it has to be the best of course. You should always be convinced that you can do it well, no matter what it is ☺️☝🏻

Singing: Taeyeon - I (secondary, but I love to sing soulful songs ^^)

Dance: 24K - Super Fly (I love this song because it has so much energy and you can just let off steam ^^)

Which songs would you have chosen?

Step 4:

The online audition (as mentioned above). Since I can't even fly to Korea for an audition, I decided to go online. Maybe you will get an email back, I have also seen that you can get calls, which is why it is important that you are always available in the time.

But if you have the chance for a face to face audition, then I think you should do that, because you are seen and not simply ignored or overlooked.

Step 5:

Waiting is the order of the day. Until they have decided and who will decide for you and if at all. Luckily I got 3 confirmations (after 3-4 weeks approx.), But the others only rejections, and even if it is only rejections at first, it should not end. It's just the beginning, because if you really want to do this, you can't give up. There are few things to be canceled, otherwise you just wait forever without getting an answer. I had that once during an internship, terrible ...

Then it was time to decide.

Step 6:

After I finally made up my mind, with the help of friends and family, the biggest thing just started. The contract had to be signed (kind of before signature, since the correct one could only be set in Korea, is somehow logical), which we had also received by email. Eeeeee eternally long and far too complicated. But after you struggled through, everything was fortunately all right (my father used to be a lawyer in Korea too, not only here in Germany and therefore knows something like that😅) Yes ... Well, you should be able to speak Korean well (or hope that there is an English version?), because contracts like this can easily fall.

So watch out!

I cannot say that it is always the case with all entertainment, so do not attach too much importance to this point!

Step 7:

Book flights (I was told the day, but I'm flying a few days beforehand and my aunt, who lives in Seoul, will pick me up), pack things, say goodbye to friends (which is really difficult for me ...), relatives here in Visiting Germany again, getting the things I need, which I still have to take with me: D

(However, I will also be reimbursed part of the cost of the flight, but this is not always the case !!!)

Step 8: Departure to Korea ...

Step 9: Audition two days after arriving in Korea at my entertainment. (Where they check who I really am, since I wasn't at a global audition etc. So it was more like a private one, with only a few people)

So approximately everything looks like ^^

Even if you want to know more here just ask :)

And thank you very much for 42K readers, I don't even know what to say, that makes me so incredibly happy wünsch I wish there was a Fingerheart Emoji here ❤️❤️❤️