How do you understand transcendent and transcendent

Transformation versus transcendence

As our society transforms itself around the mind, the question arises to me; "Is transformation in the truest sense of its meaning even possible or even useful?"

The word meaning "transformation" is used as; "Reshaping" and "conditional change in behavior" are described.

Stop for a moment and allow yourself the course of your previous existence in your mind's eye. After a moment's thought, you will likely nod your head and say; "OK done!" Is this like a phenomenon or a farce that you can put together a few decades in a few seconds?

1) What did you remember?
2) More about unsuccessful situations?
3) Or substantial, successful situations?
4) Was your path of suffering present?
5) Or have you put together fragments from time periods of your development?

From our birth to our death, life is subject to constant trials. Trials of life are passed when people take part.

"Life tests us" is more dominant in human perception!

Often people get lost in the details of hypothetical errors, which usually have no role at all in our existence. The most important thing is participation in life.

I am realizing a difference between "life" and "in life" and both "man" and "being man".

I deliberately do not say "on" people or "on" life ... Because work always begins inside.

With this view, the relationship of feeling may change.
Socially, we play the role of David and life is Goliath in our imagination. In the truest sense of the word, our worldview continues prehistoric battles against Goliath! That means we compete against "life" in the arena!

Only for what?

The certainty of knowing life as a partner opens up new perspectives and options for a community.

Life is active and in motion, it exists regardless of who is part of it or not.
Likewise, a person is active in his passivity, his existence cannot be denied, although he refuses to explore his depths with life.

Although restrictions determine your existence, the holistic cannot be denied!

If you see limitations in life as a burden, then only the muse "Transcendence" has not yet kissed you.

As soon as the public refrains from choosing "life" as its psychopathic judge, we become hosts to transcendent thinking.

Enable your points of view and perspectives to remove your limitations. Then you create the prerequisite for understanding that even the smallest molecule in existence has a very well-functioning system inside.

Legitimate your joy in observing impartially and without judgment.

Even in those moments when it looks like the deepest descent. Moments in which you experience stagnation, sometimes even inability to act, lead you into depression ...

With a birth, the "individual goals of an incarnation" are withdrawn from our consciousness.

When do gift ideas arise?
Mostly on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, births, openings etc etc. These gift ideas are of course also available for missteps, apologies, reconciliations etc etc ...

The only question arises to me How do we deal with gifts, the cause of which we do not interpret and often ignore because it does not fall under "gift" in our definition ?!

In the course of life we ​​build rails that are mostly unsuitable for life tests. So we deny ourselves the gifts that are available.
The constant misinterpretation deprives us of any experience of our true possibilities.

Now the transformations come into play.

I sometimes refer to the "experience goals" we brought with us as offshoots of different viruses. It is by design that they cannot be instantly recognized or defined. Some act as pathogens, others as blockages ... still others will paralyze us for a while.

The most significant imprints in our development happen in the 0th-8th centuries. Age. The viruses of our experiential goals play a significant role in our self-portrait. They work in the sense of obfuscation and obfuscation. Our true selves have no identification with this game!

The viruses perceive transformations as a welcome host. By constantly changing and reshaping, it can disappear undetected into an artificially created labyrinth.

In my opinion, the maze is not the challenge, but overlooking your own informative viruses.
Due to various misinterpretations, interlocking and certain processes are not stopped, but the existing mental lack of movement is vehemently defended.

A first prelude to spiritual movement is the uncovering of dilemmas and paradoxes!

The diversity of people also shows the number of possibilities of dilemmas and paradoxes. The portfolio is impressive!
Recap the path of your individual attention; you will find that you are more concerned with the quantity of packaging than with its quality content.

Now allow your thinking to digress into a transcendental field of "going beyond".

Transcendence is that which lies beyond human experience and is therefore inaccessible to theoretical knowledge. In general, transcendence refers to the crossing of boundaries!

Helpful questions train your thinking and broaden your horizons. As a result, your dilemmas & paradoxes are in a completely different light and their essence becomes transparent.
Causal processes are understood and the importance of the further circumstances of the situation are taken into account. Through this training transcendent thinking can be created.

For the agnostic viewers of the world; You will not deny the possibility of transcendent principles, but only emphasize the fundamental limitation of human knowledge!

Then I ask the following questions for you:

1) How should healing through transformation happen?
2) What do you really think you are transforming?
3) What do you expect in this transformation?
4) How is your transformed imagination composed?
5) What do you think you can do better through transformation?

However, I can also ask transcendent questions:

1) Which symptom causes you to heal spontaneously?
2) Which experience always leads you immediately to the general overhaul of your self?
3) Which recognized virus ever turned out to be your enemy?
4) Do you need imagination if you actually understand?
5) Development is your nature, which condition brings you into their activity?

The chairs in our society mostly refer to very "immanent" ways of thinking. This means that what is present can only be explained in finite things.

Your idealism is the movement in your limited thought cell! Idealism denotes different currents and individual positions that emphasize that reality is determined in a radical way by knowledge and thinking. Doesn't it then seem obvious, as soon as you move in your idealism, to make great progress in your development? The supposed happiness of your great transformation will confirm its correctness!

What you actually achieve, however, is only a transcendence resistance!

An uninvited permanent guest named "dissatisfaction" manifests itself in your house of emotions, it moves lethargically through your cells and leaves a trace of hopelessness.

Now, once again, a declaration of principle for all those who refuse a lesson ...

Your lesson always overtakes you on the path of your failed transformation because you wanted to escape it. This activates the cold embrace of your dissatisfaction, and this paralyzes your mental agility.

Imagine a farm; you have 1000 chickens ...

One of them is infected by a virus ...

Are you really willing to transform this chicken? Pretend it doesn't have a virus? Are you verifying it as healthy just because you took a few measures? Even though you haven't even figured out ... what message the virus is carrying ... or what, if ignored, can destroy or halt it? Are you ready to sacrifice your whole for a negligence?

This one chicken can also carry the message that you are very limited in thinking ... not yet recognized your possibilities in "exceeding" and your destiny has something else in store. You are asked by this one chicken to lift your limits in your horizon ...

Understand that self-doubt will only keep you clinging to things and people. As long as you don't understand your self-doubt, the associated transformations will make little sense.

By learning about transcendence, the spiritual boundaries are lifted and enable an understanding of the usefulness of the offshoot and can thus be let go.

Define your dilemma: How did your dilemma develop from then to now? Which roles did you assign? What is and was done by whom?

Goal of your dilemma: How should it look? Do you still distribute the roles or is it autonomous? Then who does what?

What is the gain of your dilemma: Who benefits from it and what?

What are the resources of your dilemma: What resources are keeping you in the virus? Do you need resources?

Which action plan does your dilemma have: Which agreement of action steps does your dilemma bow to? Which criteria does your dilemma prefer to check whether you have achieved your goals?

What transformation is your dilemma undergoing: How does the implementation look like?