Is cosmetic abortion ethical

Ethics in medicine


1 General introduction to medical ethics
Basic questions of ethics
Basic types of ethical reasoning
Task and subject matter of medical ethics

2 The Hippocratic Oath
Introduction (Wiesing)
The oath

3 Medicine under National Socialism
Introduction (Bormuth / Tümmers)
Alfred Hoche: The release of the destruction of life unworthy of life. Their size and shape - medical observations (1920)
Lothar Löffler: The idea of ​​selection as a requirement in medicine (1936)
Ernst Rüdin: About the German Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases of 14 July 1933 (1934)
Adolf Hitler: Letter dated September 1, 1939 on personal stationery
Clemens Graf von Galen: Sermon in the Lamberti Church in Münster on August 3, 1941
Karl Brandt: Human experiments
Alexander Mitscherlich: Medicine without humanity (1960)
Johanna Bleker / Heinz-Peter Schmiedebach: Facing the Truth (1987)
Richard Toellner: Doctors in the »Third Reich« (1989)

4 The professional code
Introduction (Wiesing)
German Medical Association: (Model) professional code for doctors working in Germany

5 Doctor-patient relationship and informed consent
Introduction (Marckmann / Bormuth)
Ezekiel J. Emanuel / Linda L. Emanuel: Four models of the doctor-patient relationship
Johannes Dichgans: The doctor and the truth at the bedside
H. Tristram Engelhardt jr .: Free and informed consent
Jay Katz: Doctors and Patients: A History of Silence
Tom L. Beauchamp / Ruth R. Faden: Meaning and elements of informed consent
German Medical Association: Recommendations for patient education
Third law amending childcare law: of July 29, 2009
Mark Siegler: Duty of Secrecy in Medicine - A Discontinued Model?

6 Human research
Introduction (Wiesing / Marckmann)
Nuremberg Code
World Medical Association (WMA): Declaration of Helsinki. Ethical principles for medical research on humans
Council of Europe: Convention for the protection of human rights and human dignity with regard to the application of biology and medicine: Human rights convention on biomedicine of the Council of Europe
Hanfried Helmchen / Hans Lauter: Ethical problems in biomedical research with cognitively impaired elderly people
Grafeneck Declaration on Bio-Ethics

7 termination of pregnancy
Introduction (oh)
From the criminal code
Law on Avoidance and Management of Pregnancy Conflicts (Pregnancy Conflict Law - SchKG)
Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany / German Bishops' Conference: God is a friend of life. Challenges and tasks in protecting life. Joint declaration by the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany and the German Bishops' Conference
Eberhard Schockenhoff: The worth of protection of human embryos
Peter Singer: Practical Ethics
Reinhard Merkel: Rights for Embryos?
Regine Kollek: From the Pregnancy Conflict to Embryo Selection
Alice Schwarzer: The right to abortion is at risk
Kurt Bayertz: Dissent on questions of life and death: Can we live with it?

8 Ethics in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Introduction (Bormuth / Wiesing)
Hanfried Helmchen: Ethical questions in psychiatry
Theo R. Payk: Freedom and Coercion in Psychiatry
Dieter Birnbacher: Suicide and suicide prevention - the view of an ethicist
World Association for Psychiatry: The Madrid Declaration 1996
Karl Jaspers: Aims and Limits of Psychotherapy
Leonore Kottje-Birnbacher / Dieter Birnbacher: Ethical aspects in setting therapy goals
Wolfgang Vollmoeller: Responsibility in Psychotherapy
Klaus Grawe: Outline of a general psychotherapy

9 euthanasia
Introduction (Ach / Wiesing / Marckmann)
Federal Medical Association: Principles of the Federal Medical Association for medical terminal care
BGH judgment of June 25, 2010
World Medical Association: Declaration of the World Medical Association on euthanasia
German Bishops' Conference / Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany Life to the end: dying as part of life
Dieter Birnbacher: Do and Refrain
Jean-Claude Wolf: Dying, Death and Killing
Ronald Dw orkin (inter alia): Help to suicide: the résumé of the philosopher
Thomas Fuchs / Hans Lauter: No right to kill
German Society for Human Dying (DGHS) e. V .: Legal policy guidelines and proposals of the DGHS on living wills and euthanasia
Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences: Dealing with Dying and Death. Medical-ethical guideline of the SAM W
Gian Domenico Borasio / Ralf J. Jox / Claudia Gamondi: A stringent legal regulation of assisted suicide limits the number of assisted deaths
Jürgen in der Schmitten / Friedemann Nauck / Georg Marckmann: Planning treatment in advance (Advance Care Planning): a new concept for realizing effective living wills

10 Distribution of funds in health care
Introduction (Marckmann)
Wolfgang Kersting: egalitarian basic care and rationing ethics
Daniel Callahan: False hopes
Norman Daniels: Equitable Health Care
H. Tristram Engelhardt jr .: Rights to health care, social justice and fairness in the allocation of health care: disappointments in the face of finitude
Urban Wiesing: Medical responsibility for the allocation
Central commission for the preservation of: ethical principles in medicine (central ethics commission) prioritization of medical services in the system of the statutory health insurance (GKV)

11 Transplant Medicine
Introduction (Ach / Marckmann)
Law on the donation, removal and transfer of organs (Transplantation Act - TPG)
German Bishops 'Conference / Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany: Organ transplants: Declaration by the German Bishops' Conference and the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany
Dieter Birnbacher: Organ Transplantation - Status of the Ethical Debate
National Ethics Council: Increase the number of organ donations - A pressing problem in transplant medicine in Germany
Friedrich Breyer: Opportunities and Limits of the Healthcare Market. The transplant law from an economic point of view
Thomas Gutmann / Walter Land: The Nature of Distribution Decisions

12 Concept of death and criterion of brain death
Introduction (Ach / Marckmann)
Harvard Medical School Ad Hoc Committee Death. A definition by the irreversible coma
German Bishops 'Conference / Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany: Organ transplants: Declaration by the German Bishops' Conference and the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany
Hans Jonas: Brain death and human organ bank: For the pragmatic redefinition of death
Dieter Birnbacher: Some reasons to accept the brain death criterion
Norbert Hoerster: Euthanasia in the secular state
Ralf Stoecker: At the borders of death - a plea for overcoming the debate on brain death in terms of moral philosophy

13 human genetics
Introduction (Marckmann / Ranisch / Wiesing)
Nicholas Agar: Liberal Eugenics
Henk ten Have: Geneticization
Christopher Gyngell / Hilary Bowman-Smart / Julian Savulescu: Moral Reasons to Change the Human Germline
Jürgen Habermas: The genre-ethical embedding of morality
Law on genetic examinations in humans: (Genetic Diagnostics Act - GenDG) of July 31, 2009
Commission for public relations and ethical questions of the Society for Human Genetics e. V.: Position paper of the Society for Human Genetics e. V.
Peter Singer: Practical Ethics
Cologne Manifesto: On the right to be different
Ludger Honnefelder: Ethical Problems of Human Genetics
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: Germline Surgery: Conclusions and Recommendation
International Bioethics Committee (IBC) of UNESCO: Report from the IBC on the update of its reflections on the human genome and human rights
Council of Europe: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine

14 Reproductive Medicine
Introduction (oh)
Embryo Protection Act (Embryo Protection Act - EschG)
Law regulating pre-implantation diagnostics (Preimplantation Diagnostics Act - PräimpG)
German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina e. V: Ad hoc statement: Preimplantation Diagnostics (PGD) - Effects of a limited approval in Germany
German Medical Association: (Model) guideline for the implementation of assisted reproduction
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Instruction DONUM VITAE of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on respect for the beginning human life and the dignity of procreation
Ludwig Siep: Naturalness and Artificial Insemination
Gabriele Pichlhofer / Sigrid Graumann: (Women's Forum for Reproductive Medicine) On the role of women in biomedical research

15 Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Introduction (Marckmann / Wiesing)
Dietrich Niethammer: The death of the children
Stephan Rixen: The terminally ill child between parents and doctor
Adolf Laufs: The medical duty to provide information
Limits of medical treatment obligation for severely damaged newborns. Einbecker recommendation. Revised version 1992
Working group of the Swiss
Society for Neonatology: Recommendations for the care of premature babies at the limit of viability (gestational age 22-26 weeks of gestation)
German Society for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine: Memorandum of the German Society for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine on the use of medicinal products in pediatrics that is not permitted under pharmaceutical law

16 enhancement
Introduction (Ehni / Clausen) 496
Eric T. Juengst: What does enhancement mean?
President’s Council on Bioethics: Beyond Therapy
Allan Buchanan: Beyond Humanity
Carl Elliot: The Tyranny of Happiness: Ethics and Cosmetic Psychopharmacology
David DeGrazia: Prozac, Enhancement and Self-Design
Stephan Schleim / Henrik Walter: Cognitive Enhancement - Facts and Myths

17 Public Health
Introduction (Marckmann / Rothenberger)
World Health Organization Europe: Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 1986
David Hemenway: Why we don't spend enough on public health
Geoffrey Rose: The Preventive Medicine Strategy
Carmen Kaminsky: Public Health Ethics as Area Ethics. Discourses on the legitimacy and ethical limits of public health
Klaus Koch: Screening in statutory health insurance: cervical cancer
Georg Marckmann / Daniel Strech: Conceptual foundations of public health ethics
Marcel Verweij: Preventing diseases
Bettina Schmidt: The others always have personal responsibility. The Discourse of Responsibility in Healthcare

18 Ethics and Age (s) in Medicine
Introduction (Ehni)
Frank Schirrmacher: The Methuselah plot
Elderly Report Commission: Sixth report on the situation of the older generation in the Federal Republic of Germany: Images of old age in society
Ezekiel J. Emanuel: Why I want to die at 75
Volker Gerhard: The tragedy of dementia must not be concealed
WHO: International Legal and Policy Framework for Aging

19 digitization
Introduction (Ranisch / Marckmann)
Isaac Asimov: The Three Laws of Robotics
Yvonne Hofstetter: New World. Makes. New people.
Alex John London: The Return of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Gerd Antes: Big Data and Personalized Medicine: Golden Future or Empty Promises?
Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVD W) e. V .: Should there be an obligation to use artificial intelligence in medicine if it makes better diagnoses than a doctor?
Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVD W) e. V .: Should there be an obligation for cancer patients to make their health data available to research?
German Ethics Council: Big Data and Health - Data sovereignty as informational freedom
Catrin Misselhorn: Argument against the use of care robots

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