Acupressure Can Save Lives

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2. Acupressure:

a. Acupuncture point: Chi Ze (P5, lung 5), on the outer edge of the elbow.

b. Yu Ji (P10, lung10), on the ball of the thumb.

c. Tian Tu (Rs22, Ren Mai22), at the top of the sternum.

d. Yin Ling Quan (SP9, L9, Spleen9), on the inner side of the knee joint

If you cough and have difficulty breathing you should score points a, b, and d Press in a circle, clockwise, then in the opposite direction, 50-100 times each time, consciously breathing deeper and deeper, like in a meditation. You can also just forget about the time, do so until your body is warm and until you feel more free again. If it changes little once, repeat it several times a day. The point c, Tian Tu, just press and release, repeat about 50 times. You can also expand to other points.

In principle, you can rub, press, tap or massage anywhere on the upper back and the chest area, as well as on the pulmonary duct of the whole arm (search information: pulmonary duct, lung meridian). As with Moxa, you can easily find the exact location of the acupuncture points mentioned or the channel on the Internet with a precise description and picture. There is also a demonstration on YouTube of how to press. For example, a video on YouTube is recommended here: "Improve breathing with acupuncture point K27". (

3. Gua Sha and cupping glasses

Both therapies originally belong to the folk medicine treatment methods. They are very simple but effective. You can also practice them very well at home. Technically, as they work exactly, you can just follow videos on YouTube. How nice that YouTube exists! Since Gua Sha has a particularly cleansing and detoxifying effect, it is often used against acute illness with fever. Breathing difficulties caused by the flu can therefore be treated with Gua Sha. Suitable places are on the chest, upper back, neck, elbow, and on both sides of your torso. Do not be frightened by the resulting "red dragon" or the "red sand". These are poisons inside the body that are brought out onto the surface of the body by scraping. Tools for both therapies such as cupping glasses and scraping board can be ordered online. (on Guasha:, on Schröpfer:

If you still feel unsure about the treatment, feel free to give me a call for more information. The symptoms of coronavirus in the initial phase are comparable to the flu or febrile cold. The above-mentioned methods from Chinese medicine, which experience has shown to be very effective against "normal" flu, are usually also effective against coronavirus. This positive experience has already been proven several times in the process of combating coronavirus in various places in China. Chinese medicine with its medicinal herbs and manual therapy made a great contribution both in 2003 against SARS and in the last few months against coronavirus. Without the use of Chinese medicine, many more people would lose their lives. This is now generally recognized in China.

Rather, what I have recommended to you is only preventive measures. You should go to the doctor without question if you have symptoms of coronavirus infection. But there could be such a situation that you are already ill, but perhaps not yet severe enough, or for whatever reason, that you simply cannot be admitted to the clinic for treatment. Only in such a situation can you try to do something useful for yourself or your family members, e.g. with the above-mentioned methods, instead of sitting around doing nothing and possibly letting the situation get worse. In an emergency, such simple methods can even save lives.

We should take the coronavirus seriously without losing our inner calm. Nobody can protect themselves 100% safely, but you can strengthen yourself and equip yourself with the right methods. I sincerely hope that my recommendations from Chinese medicine can help you and your family members a little. I just wish that we can all get through this time of crisis healthy and safe.

May the following heel from the Bible give you courage, strength, and hope:

If you now fix your heart firmly and stretch out your hands to him, if there is injustice in your hands, remove it and let no evil dwell in your tents!

Yes, then you may raise your face without fear and stand firmly without fear; then you will forget your toil, how to forget the water that has flowed by.

Your life will rise brighter than noon; the dark will be like the morning.

Then you will be confident because there is hope and will look around you and lie down in safety.

You go to sleep and no one scares you, and many will then seek your favor. “The book of Job11: 13-19

Your alternative practitioner Sophie Wanqing Ma

March 22nd, 2020 p.s. My practice will reopen on April 20, 2020 if the situation allows